20 Unique Amazon Products for the Classroom

Who doesn’t love Amazon?  They’ve made it simple to ship to your front door in a flash.  Too often I see blog posts promoting the SAME, BORING Amazon classroom supplies over and over again.  Can we get something new, please?

Start filling up your Amazon cart for Back to School! 

This is NOT your average Amazon wish-list.  These are FUN products to enhance your classroom learning experience.

Stand out this school year as fellow teachers ooh and aah over your new supplies.

Here are my TOP 20 UNIQUE Amazon Products for the classroom:



Question Cubes

Perfect reading comprehension conversation starters.



Colorful Stools

Use for flexible seating or group roles.



Fidget Chair Bands

Help your students stay seated while meeting their movement needs.



Wireless Doorbells

Signal transitions, freeze or grab attention.



 Floating Globe

Bring some fun into your geography lessons.


Smart Notebook

Save your notes to Google drive, Dropbox, Evernote, box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, email and more using the free Rocketbook application for iOS and Android.


Soft Dice

Great for games or student response.


Teacher Stamps

Great for colorful and quick feedback.


Label Printer

High speed wireless label printer to print on the go.


Sand Timers

Awesome idea for group work.



To Do Binder Clips

Easy way to stay organized.



Crayon Sharpener

No more broken pencil sharpeners.



Bookmark Timer

Set a self timer for independent book study.



Echo Dot

Ask Alexa anything! Ask her to roll the dice, spell a word, set a timer and more.


PowerPoint Clicker Finger Ring

Navigate the room while flipping through your presentation.



Dry Erase Crayons

Let your students show their creativity on the board.



Liquid Chalk Markers

Decorate windows, whiteboards and more.



Scratch Art Notes

Great for student rewards.



Teacher Planner

Organize student info and lesson plans in one place.

This post contains affiliate links for Amazon.  By making a purchase using the links provided, I will receive a small commission on your purchase.  This commission does not affect the price of your items 🙂

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