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Always Clean Up Before Starting a Classroom Activity


Coming up with creative ways for children to learn can really make a difference in how engaged your students are. Before you get started with any activity, it’s a good idea to clean up your classroom a bit. This will ensure that the kids are safe while they’re engaging in something that is different from their usual movement around the classroom. The entire process doesn’t have to be lengthy, and the kids can help make quick work of the cleaning.

Why It Matters

While you may maintain your classroom really well throughout the school year, even the best-maintained classroom needs some extra attention to ensure safety. It’s also a good idea to clean up as you go along. This will save you time later on. Spending a few minutes each day can remove the need for a major cleanup periodically. The last thing a teacher wants is for a student to get hurt in their classroom. Head injuries can be serious, and all teachers should know the signs just in case.

Making It Part of the Activity

You can make cleaning up a part of the activity that you’re about to do. Let the kids know that something special is going to happen, but you need everyone to pitch in first. You can assign small jobs to a number of groups of kids. As a teacher, you can help out and supervise. Children are more apt to help out when they know they’re going to be having fun or getting rewarded when they’re finished doing their required tasks.

Taking Pride in the Classroom

Not only does a teacher take pride in the classroom that he or she is teaching in, but the students of a class should take pride in their workspace as well. Making sure that a classroom is clean, healthy and safe ensures that everyone is able to learn and have a good time while doing so. You should teach your students that they should take pride in everything that they do. A good job goes a long way in the classroom, at home and when they get a job someday.

Once the process of cleaning up has been completed, the students can set up and focus on their next activity. Their hard work’s paid off, allowing them to take part in an exciting classroom event that doesn’t occur as part of everyday learning.

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