13 Colonies
13 Colonies

Grades 4-7

13 Colonies

Activities in this bundle include:

1. 13 Colonies Escape Room (Printable)

2. Causes of the Revolutionary War Thinktivity™ (Printable)

3. Thomas Jefferson Collaborative Poster (Printable)

4. Patriots and Loyalists Interactive Google Slides™ Presentation (Digital)

5. Revolutionary War Battles Scavenger Hunt (Printable)

6. Declaration of Independence Task Cards Review Game (Printable)

7. 13 Colonies Review Game (Digital)

8. Lost Colony of Roanoke Color by Number (Printable)

9. Constitutional Convention Mystery Picture Reveal (Digital)

10. Jamestown Scavenger Hunt (Printable)

11. Founding Fathers Breakout Puzzles (Printable)

12. French and Indian War Secret Message Activity (Digital)

13. Articles of Confederation Digital Notebook (Digital)

14. Salem Witch Trials Self Grading Google Form (Digital)

15. Plymouth Comprehension Challenge (Printable)

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