Reading Comprehension Challenges

Reading Comprehension Challenges

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Reading Comprehension Challenges can be used for...

Stations or Independent Practice


Sub Plans

Early Finshers

Group Work

Unit Review

How it works...

Students work individually (or in pairs) and read the full passage.

Using close reading strategies, students will go back through the passage several times to complete each of the six activities.

Students will “earn” icons when they complete a task correctly.

Students color in the icons as they earn them.

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Reading Comprehension Challenge Think Tank

Topics covered

U.S. History



World History

Growth Mindset



and MANY more topics!


What teachers are saying...

This close reading activity was just what I was looking for! Thank you so much! My 5th grade students really enjoyed it.

-Shannon L, 5th Grade

My students loved the different activities that went along with the passage. I loved the multiple interactions the students had with the text.

-Annika B, 7th Grade

My students of all learning abilities loved using this resource!! It was easy to incorporate into our unit about Colonial America.

-Jason S, 5th Grade

My students go wild over these! They don’t even realize they are learning because they get so caught up in the challenge.

-Kimberly R, 6th Grade

As Social Studies teachers, we’re working alongside the reading teachers to get kids reading and writing. This was a fun way to get kids reading, showing what they learned and having a bit of fun while they’re at it. They especially loved the True or False portion.

Abrielle S, 6th Grade

This was a great resource. It was easy to use with my students who have various disabilities.

-Daelin P, 5th Grade

My students loved this challenge! They had so much fun and learned a lot. They were so proud of themselves when they figured out the puzzle. It was easy to prep and a blast.

Monica P, 4th Grade

My 6th graders enjoyed this engaging comprehension activity as we finished up our section on the Lost Colony. This is my first year teaching 6th grade NC history, so I’m continually looking for curriculum ideas to make it engaging. Students were able to navigate it pretty well while also enjoying a good level of challenge throughout. Thanks for creating this!

Ally G, 6th Grade

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