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"What the heck are Boom Cards?"

Distance learning has been the way of education for many classrooms this year! Unfortunately, the default for some online activities is a worksheet. How boring! Why not add some fun and engagement to your lessons with Boom Cards? Read more to find out how to use Boom Cards in your classroom!

What the heck are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are digital task cards that are self-grading. If your students have a digital device, they can use Boom Cards! A Boom Learning account is free and required to use the cards. You can also sign up for a Boom Learning premium account. Premium accounts offer advanced assignment tools, individual and whole class performance tracking, and more. New customers can get a 90 day free trial when you redeem your Boom cards. When your trial ends, renew or purchase an upgrade for the premium account. Of course, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at any time. Free accounts use purchased Boom Cards™ with Fast Play pins. Create Fast Play pins to assign your Boom Cards™ to students.

How can you use Boom Cards in the classroom?

Boom Cards are perfect for your elementary and even middle school classrooms! Boom Cards are engaging, fun, and more than "just a worksheet" to share with your students. These interactive cards are perfect for elementary and middle school learners. Use Boom Cards for the following purposes in your classroom.

Reviewing concepts

Use Boom Cards to review social studies and science topics after unit studies in your classroom. Because Boom Cards are self-grading, students can use them like they would use flashcards. Have students simply read the question on the card, choose and answer, and they'll automatically know if the answer is correct. If it's not, it's time to review some more! An example on my US Landmark Boom Cards asks, "Mount Rushmore is a national landmark carved in the Black Hills of ___". When your students answer, "South Dakota", the deck advances to the next Boom Card. Check out the preview of the US Landmark Boom Cards where your students will review the following landmarks:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Empire State Building
  • Alamo
  • Space Needle
  • Grand Canyon
  • White House
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Introducing new content

    Sure, you could use Boom Cards for review, but you can also use them as an informal pre-test. Have your students answer questions based on what they think they know about a topic. Make sure your students know there is not penalty for getting an answer wrong. They can give their best educated guess or answer based on their prior knowledge. If it's wrong, guess again! See what your learners know about the History of the American Flag. Previewing the self-grading cards with questions like, "Relating to a hundredth anniversary is known as ______". (Spoiler alert! The answer is centennial). Introduce these topics with the American Flag cards:

  • Betsy Ross
  • Francis Hopkinson
  • George Washington
  • Robert Heft
  • flag nicknames

  • Competition and collaboration

    Whether you're participating in distance learning or back in the classroom, share your Boom Cards on Google Classroom or other online learning platform to help your students get excited about learning. Have your students record their scores on the Declaration of Independence Boom Cards then have a discussion on Google Classroom or live on Zoom or Google Meet. Topics for the Declaration of Independence cards include grievances, King George III, Second Continental Congress, John Locke, Unalienable rights, and resolution. With this set, 32 Boom Cards will have your students racing and competing to get the right answers. . .and learn! Encourage your students to compete and collaborate with their siblings and parents as well. Boom Cards can definitely be a family affair!

    Pair with escape rooms

    Boom Cards pair perfectly with escape rooms! What is an escape room? It's a bundle of readings and puzzles that help students learn about a topic and find clues that help them solve a puzzle! Boom Cards are a perfect way to repurpose content from escape rooms. In fact, bundles like the Ecosystems and Biomes Escape Room and Boom Cards let students escape by reading and solving puzzles with topics related to ecosystems, biomes, tundra, rainforests, taiga, savannas, marine biomes and more! Once students solve the puzzles, they can use the same readings to answer the questions on the Boom Cards. I love how escape rooms and Boom Cards pair together! Check out some more Boom Card and Escape Room bundles!

  • Revolutionary War Causes
  • Boston Tea Party
  • French and Indian War
  • Paul Revere
  • 13 Colonies
  • Mayflower
  • Lost Colony of Roanoke
  • Jamestown
  • Articles of Confederation
  • Founding Fathers
  • Constitutional Convention
  • Lewis and Clark
  • Oregon Trail
  • California Gold Rush
  • George Washington
  • Water Cycle
  • Solar System

  • Boom Cards are the perfect way to review, introduce new information, play, and escape with your students! These engaging activities to review science and social studies content with help your students get excited about learning at-home or school this fall.

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