Engaging Back to School Activities

5 Engaging Back to School Activities!

Are you looking for back to school ideas that will get your students engaged right from day one?

Do you teach “classroom rules and procedures?”

Keep reading for some great ideas to get your students excited about your class right from the very first day!

Fun Back To School Ideas

The first week of school is so important when it comes to setting the tone that you want in your classroom. You want your students to enjoy your class and look forward to coming every day. But, students also need to understand that activities need to be done in an orderly manner and that there are classroom rules and procedures that need to be followed.

Many of the “icebreaker” activities found online don’t really seem to be all that suitable for nervous students who may not know each other. They require students to give some personal information to virtual strangers or ask students to think up some witty answers to questions that don’t really let them get to know each other.

Encourage collaboration and classroom community by using the first few days of school to let your students get to know you and their classmates. And it’s even better if they have to think a bit too!

Here is a list of some ways to get students involved and collaborating on the first few days of school.

Kids love word search puzzles. 

Make up a word search with all of the students’ names in the class. You can do this at the Discovery Education Puzzle Generator. Have this on their desk when they first come into the classroom on day 1. You’ll find after about 10 minutes that they’re helping each other find the names! And you can take it a step further by having each student say their name at the end so that students can start learning “who’s who.”

Play “Blobs and Lines.”

This is a fun game that’ll get kids moving, but they don’t have to come up with clever answers. They either have to line up in some particular order, by birth date for example, or gather in “blobs” based on something they have in common. Examples for “blobs” might be to gather by eye color, shoe color, or who gets to school the same way.

Play “This or That.”

Here’s another fun game that will get kids moving by having an informal debate on fun topics. Pose a question such as “Would you rather live in the country or in the city?” Then have students move to one side of the room or the other based on their choice and then talk about why. This is a great game for helping kids gain some confidence in speaking in front of their peers. Not to mention helping them find some like-minded classmates!

Play “About The Teacher.”

Don’t forget that students also want to get to know you too! Make a fun Powerpoint presentation about yourself. Throw in some fun facts that most students wouldn’t know. You can also make it a guessing game by adding questions such as “What is my favorite color?” or “How long have I been teaching?”

Don’t Forget Class Rules!

How do you cover your class rules? Some districts require that they actually are taught as a lesson. Even if your district doesn’t require this, you still most likely are going to want to go over your rules within the first day or so of school. This really is crucial for classroom management.
But just droning on about the rules is pretty dull, both for you and for your students. And they’ll forget about them as soon as they leave your room.

So how can you get your students engaged with learning about class rules? Is that even possible?

It sure is! Have you heard of Escape Rooms? They are really popular, not just for students but adults too. My Back to School Escape Room will send students on a mission around the room, decoding clues and working together.

All of the codes are different and lead the students to solve several different kinds of puzzles. They’ll be moving, collaborating and thinking, all while learning about 4 main universal classroom rules!

And the best part is … you can just print this and go! There’s no prep! Take the mundane out of school rules and try something new!!

If you’d like to try this in your own room, just click the image!

Do you have any fun icebreakers or back to school activities? Share them with us!

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