How to finally create 100% participation in your social studies or science classroom...

Watch students’ eyes go from blank stares and lackluster participation to 100% engagement in your lesson with this simple resource creation tutorial. The only software you need is PowerPoint!

Free mystery match template training for science and social studies teachers

1. An easy way to cloak the learning and trigger inner motivation so that students are EXCITED for your class each day!

2. My simple method to get 100% participation (for real!) so that you can shift from a teacher-centered to a STUDENT CENTERED-classroom

3. How to create an activity that can be modified and used over and over so that you can FINALLY stop spending HOURS creating resources from scratch. 

This FREE training is for social studies and science teachers looking to add a TWIST OF FUN to their lessons.

…even if you have THAT class!

Copy of SHARED Monica Froese - UFTB Templates
Copy of SHARED Monica Froese - UFTB Templates

The only software you need is PowerPoint.

This training is for teachers or instructional coaches in upper elementary or middle school. Best use of the template would be in social studies and science classrooms but it can certainly be used in other content areas.

I sure do! Teacher Template Toolbox is a 10 hour Professional Development course full of tactics and 40+ templates for inquiry-based learning that help you create a student-centered classroom where critical thinking rules and fun reigns! Learn more here Teacher Template Toolbox – Think Tank Teacher

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