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How to Prepare to Get Back to a Physical Classroom


For a year, COVID-19 has caused many schools to move to online learning. However, things have reached a point where the transition back to a physical classroom has begun. Now is the time to begin preparing for that transition.

Playing Catch-Up

Online learning has been challenging for a lot of students which has made it difficult for them to learn. It can be very draining and isolating and a lot of students struggle to find motivation. In many cases, they may not have retained all the information they were given through online learning. As part of the transition back to a physical classroom, you’ll need to be considerate of these challenges. In the beginning, it may be helpful to provide a review for your students. You don’t need to cover everything, but at least review the most important information. This will allow all your students to start on the same page. It may be frustrating to begin in this way, but your students will be more successful in your class if you are patient and understanding of where they’re at.

Creating a Safe Environment

While it is possible to move back to a physical classroom, it’s still important to be aware of certain safety measures. Creating a safe environment for your students will be beneficial for you and them. It will also provide peace of mind for their parents. One place to start is with social distancing. Enforcing distancing can be challenging in schools, especially with young children. It may be helpful to find creative ways to encourage social distancing among your students.

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Be Aware of Social and Emotional Needs

In the past, your main priority has been to educate students and prepare them for the next step in their education. However, COVID-19 has caused a lot of stress and anxiety for students and this greatly impacts their ability to learn. This year make it a priority to check in with your students to assess their social and emotional needs. Certain mental health challenges may be preventing them from doing well.  Make sure you are supportive of your students and demonstrate understanding towards them. Work with them as best you can to help them during this upcoming school year.

This last year has been difficult and it has led to many disruptions in the lives of your students. Fortunately, it has become safe for many schools to move back to a physical classroom. Embrace this opportunity and do your best to prepare for your benefit and the benefit of your students.

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