Revolutionary War

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  • Revolutionary War Causes Activity – Full Size Group Tarsia Puzzle! American Revolution
  • American Revolution Collaborative Poster! Team Work Activity – Paul Revere
  • Revolutionary War Timeline Chain Links : Five options
  • American Revolution Causes Scavenger Hunt -Task Cards – Revolutionary War Causes
  • Revolutionary War Battles Scavenger Hunt -Task Cards – American Revolution
  • Revolutionary War Color by Number : American Revolution Activity
  • Battle of Bunker Hill ESCAPE ROOM: Revolutionary War – Print & Go!
  • Paul Revere ESCAPE ROOM: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Print & Go!
  • Boston Massacre ESCAPE ROOM: Causes of the Revolutionary War – Print & go!
  • Boston Tea Party ESCAPE ROOM: Causes of the Revolutionary War – Print & go!
  • Founding Fathers ESCAPE ROOM Activity Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin
  • Revolutionary War Causes ESCAPE ROOM Activity: American Revolution
  • U.S. Constitution ESCAPE ROOM Activity! Constitution Day -Founders Month
  • Declaration of Independence ESCAPE ROOM! Decode Excerpts- No Props!! Civics
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