Branches of Government Interactive Word Wall Mystery – Scavenger Hunt

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Branches of Government Interactive Word Wall Mystery – Scavenger Hunt perfect for in the classroom or at home!

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Branches of Government Interactive Word Wall Mystery – Scavenger Hunt

Students become word detectives and solve a mystery with this Branches of Government INTERACTIVE WORD WALL – Scavenger Hunt activity. You can set this up as a gallery walk, scavenger hunt, or word wall. Students will read each vocabulary card several times to match the vocabulary words to their definition and fill in the blanks… all while finding clues to solve the case! Great addition to your U.S. Constitution unit.

Vocabulary words include: Judicial Branch, Supreme Court, Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, President, Veto, Bill, Appointment, Cabinet, Chief Justice, Judicial Review, Jury, President Pro Tempore, Speaker of the House, Vice President, Ratify, Impeach, Checks and Balances, Federalism, Commander-in-Chief, Senator, Representative, Amendment, Electoral College, Bicameral, Separation of Powers, Unconstitutional

Don’t just hang some words on the wall, INTERACT with them! Transform your word wall into an interactive reference tool that students engage with. Don’t let it become just another poster on the wall!

Students will work individually (or in pairs) and race to see who can solve the case first! A friendly competition always increases engagement.

Help your students remember these essential vocabulary terms with this interactive word wall, while decorating your classroom at the same time! Student-friendly definitions are displayed on each of the 30 word posters/vocab cards.

This activity can be used for individual work, partner activities, anticipatory sets, unit review, sub plans, extension activities, early-finishers, or just for fun the day before break.

What’s Included?

✔️ 30 Word Wall Vocab Cards

✔️ 27 Questions

✔️ Student Case File Recording Sheet

✔️ Student Directions

✔️ Teacher Directions

✔️ Teacher Answer Key

✔️ Early Finisher Activity

✔️ Other ways to use your word wall

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