Nervous System Reading and Puzzle Escape


Nervous System Reading Comprehension Challenge – Close Reading, perfect for in the classroom or at home!


Nervous System Reading and Puzzle Escape

Students will work in pairs (or individually) and race to complete 6 puzzles. A friendly competition always increases engagement. Students will use reading comprehension skills to complete the 6 short passages, 12 multiple choice questions and 6 puzzle phrases.


You do NOT need a lock! You do NOT need fancy envelopes! You do NOT have to cut out puzzle pieces! This product is meant to make your life easy! This is a NO PREP, print & go escape room style activity!


This activity can be used for individual work, partner activities, anticipatory sets, unit review, sub plans, extension activities, early-finishers, gallery walk, stations, or just for fun the day before break. No prior knowledge is needed.


What’s Included?

✅ 6 Half page reading passages

✅ 6 Puzzle decoders and puzzle phrases

✅ 12 Multiple choice questions

✅ Teacher directions

✅ Answer key

✅ Student directions

✅ Hint cards


If you are familiar with Think Tank Escape Rooms, you’ll love these! Many teachers have requested new escape rooms but with a different set of puzzles. I’m excited to announce that your wish has been granted!


How are these different than the original Think Tank Escape Rooms?

✅New leveled reading passages (same relevant information)

✅4 of 6 NEW puzzles and decoders!

✅Less paper and ink!


Types of Puzzles

✅ Cryptogram

✅ Qwerty

✅ Atbash

✅ Text Message

✅ Pigpen

✅ Polybius


In addition to learning or reinforcing the subject matter, these escape rooms encourage teamwork and critical thinking. As a “timed” challenge, students will be engaged from beginning to end!


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