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The Complete Email Marketing Course for TPT Sellers includes swipe files, PDFs, video guides, 400 Social Media Images, and an Email Data Tracker. Everything you need as a TPT seller to propel your email marketing efforts in one convenient course.

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The Complete Email Marketing Course for TPT Sellers includes swipe files, PDFs, video guides, 400 Social Media Images, and an Email Data Tracker. Everything you need as a TPT seller to propel your email marketing efforts in one convenient place.


Email marketing has the highest return of investment of any other online marketing platform, and I’m sharing my winning strategies for turning your TPT store browsers into loyal buyers.


The Complete Email Marketing Course for TPT Sellers is a comprehensive course with list-building strategies you can implement TODAY. The Complete Guide to Email Marketing for TPT Sellers is for you if:

  • You’re just starting out or are in the early stages of your TPT store. It’s okay if you haven’t even started to think about email marketing yet. You’ll be set up to nurture your potential customers right from the start.
  • You want to start driving traffic to your store daily. You have a TPT store and have already started gathering emails, but you aren’t sure what to do next or how to best spend your time marketing.
  • You already have an existing TPT store that’s generating consistently high sales but your email list is stuck in neutral. This will help position YOU as the expert in your content area so you’ll have raving fans.


What’s Inside?

  • Welcome to Think Marketing
  • Course Pace



  • How To Use the Guide
  • You’re a TPT Store Owner
  • The Magic of an Email List (and Why You Need One Now…)


Getting Started

  • Choose Your Email Service Provider
  • Email Service Providers Check List
  • The Secret to NOT Getting Labeled as SPAM
  • Lead Magnets That Convert
  • Create a Magnetic Landing Page
  • Landing Page Check List
  • Landing Page Template
  • Grow a Better Email List With a Double Opt-in Confirmation
  • Double Opt-in Example
  • The Art of The “Thank You” Page
  • Thank You Page Example


Email Basics

  • Everything You Need to Know About Email Campaigns
  • Your Story
  • Storytelling Outline
  • Engage Your Subscribers with a Compelling Welcome Sequence
  • Mapping Your Campaign
  • Funnel Blueprint
  • Turn Readers Into Customers with a High-Converting Final Email
  • How To Write an Email That Dazzles Your Readers
  • Design Emails that Captivate
  • The Anatomy of an Email
  • Subject Line Ideas
  • Funnel Template
  • Sneak Peek with Preview Text
  • The Most Important Part of an Email
  • Email Check List
  • CTA’s That Convert Browsers Into Buyers
  • Common Copy Phrases
  • The Power of Links
  • Consistency is Key
  • Newsletter Brainstorm
  • Newsletter Ideas
  • Monthly Newsletter Planner


Beyond the Email

  • Triple Your Email Visibility with Social Media
  • How to Optimize Your TPT Store Page
  • How to Optimize Your Facebook Page
  • How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile
  • Managing Your Email List
  • What Not to Do on TPT
  • Get More Eyes on Your Emails with Segmentation
  • Measure What’s Working with Subscriber Analytics
  • Welcome Sequence Data Tracker


Guided Templates

  • My Exact Email Welcome Sequence
  • Guided Email Templates
  • Editable Email Templates
  • BONUS 1: Done For You Social Media Images
  • BONUS 2: Email Data Tracker


How To Videos

  • How to Use ConvertKit
  • How to Use MailChimp
  • How to Use Flodesk
  • How to Use MailerLite
  • How to Create a Landing Page in Mailchimp
  • 14 Email Marketing Tips to Avoid
  • Video Handout: 14 Email Marking Tips to Avoid



  • Wrapping Up
  • Sellers Toolkit
  • Done for You Email Services


Once you purchase the product, you will use a CLICKABLE Table of Contents to download PDFS or Videos in your Google Drive.


What others are saying:


Kathy Simpson: Sunshine and Lollipops

I am excited about all the tips and ideas you have shared not only about e-mail lists but also just dos and don’ts on TpT and all the extras you have provided. I am sure this will boost my sales and give me more of a presence on TpT.

It is extremely comprehensive and easy to understand. It covers everything you need to get started with e-mail lists and continue growing your business and list.

This is exactly what I need! I have watched a few videos, read up on email marketing and tried various resources but never really was able to make sense of it all!

I think this will be your go to resources as you work through your marketing goals and it is a lot of bang for your buck!

I am so excited to find something that actually spells out everything in an easy to follow way and includes so many extras!


Zoe Anderson-Ross : ZippadeeZazz

A wealth of information! Broken into easy and manageable sections. Everything I’d need to set up my first email marketing campaign. I find value in your product because it is the complete toolkit. The resources at the end are invaluable.

It’s unique because it’s tailored to TpT, so it isn’t generalized advice. It feels like advice for me specifically, rather than having to cherry pick the parts that would be applicable.

I’m excited about implementing your email marketing strategies to help engage my subscribers and tailor my business to their needs, which hopefully will increase my sales too.

I don’t feel daunted by the amount of information I need to take in which is really important when I’m trying to digest parts of your course when dipping in and out of classes, or during my commute.


You know there’s value in building an email list but where do you start?

✔️You have an email list but it’s underutilized

✔️You want to turn your subscribers into raving fans

✔️You feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to send your list

✔️You get a glimpse of email marketing techniques here and there but never get the “full picture” or the tips don’t apply to TPT sellers

✔️You want to maximize the exposure of your products but you’re not sure how

✔️You want to create a teacher tribe that’s addicted to your TPT store but where do you begin?

✔️You haven’t even started collecting subscribers yet because you lack confidence

Does this sound like you? I’ve been there too! I wish I had someone back then to grab my hand and say ” Focus on this, not that. Do this first, then that.”

Stop doubting yourself because you CAN do this. Don’t look back in 6 months from now or 2 years from now without a steady stream of income wondering what could’ve been if you took action today.

You can piddle around for a few years trying to figure it out, or you can start skyrocketing your growth TODAY. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, as long as you choose to start right now!

Take the guesswork out of growing an email list once and for all!


Q: What is the cost of the Email Marketing Guide for TPT Sellers?
A: This course is valued at over $800, but you can get it for just $197! Hiring a freelance writer for your email sequence and graphic design will easily cost you over $4000! Don’t make that mistake. You CAN do this!

Q: How long will I have access to the course?
A: You can start, stop and resume whenever you want. Work at your own pace. There is a lot of great information in here, it’s VALUE-PACKED and full of actionable steps. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed after reading through all of the content in one sitting. Instead, take incremental steps. Focus on a few actionable steps at a time and then come back for more. Many buyers come back over and over again when they want to see a boost in traffic. Working at your own pace allows you to really dive into the strategies you learn and incorporate them into your own TPT store marketing. There’s no fluffy to dig through, it ALL applies to YOU as a TPT seller.

Q: I don’t have a website or blog; will this course still be beneficial?
A: Absolutely! This guide was made for people who don’t have their own website in mind. Of course, having one can increase your growth but is not required. You can build landing pages with your email service provider. Whether you have a website or not does not take away from the value of the course.

Q: I already have a well-established TPT store. Is this course really for me?
A: This email marketing course is helpful to sellers at all stages of their journey. Whether you have 0 email subscribers or 10,000 email subscribers you will find actionable steps to build, grow or perfect your email sequences. Even the top-selling TPT sellers have some gaping holes in their email strategies. This course will help you build your future and GET RESULTS no matter how many people you have on your list.

Q: What kind of email growth can I expect?
A: It really depends on how much effort you put in. Are you using the actionable steps found throughout the guide? Teacher authors who have taken this course and implemented the strategies have achieved consistent email growth from month to month. Remember, there is no magic pill and progress won’t happen overnight.

Q: I’m concerned about the cost, is it worth it?
A: Lisa has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars taking email marketing courses and owns her own marketing business. She has developed a tried and tested method for email growth. People who have implemented her strategies have made their money back in just a few weeks. She has even had some participants make their money back with their very first email campaign! You’ll get her EXACT email strategy and guided templates to build your own. Don’t forget, the course is a business expense deduction. Invest in your future!

Q: Will I learn Social Media marketing?
A: The focus of the course is on email marketing. We do, however, provide instructions for how to optimize your Facebook and Pinterest pages to get more names on your email list. We also included 400 Done for You Social Media images to boost your presence and provide you with something beautiful to post to alleviate social media stress. You can use the images “as is” or modify them to match your business branding.

Q: I haven’t even set up an email list yet, will this guide work for me?
A: For sure! Plenty of Email Marketing students are getting started, just like you. Even if you’re a total newbie, this guide will help you grow your list with a head start. The guide starts off by walking you through the process of selecting an email service provider.


Copyright Information

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Legal Notices: The information presented herein represents the opinions of the author as of the date of publication, and is for informational purposes only.


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