Digital Secret Message Activity

Think Tank Teacher Escape Rooms

are you ...

digital Secret messages can be used for...

Stations or Independent Practice


Sub Plans

Early Finshers

Group Work

Unit Review

How it works...

After given the link, students work individually (or in pairs) and read the full passage.

Using close reading strategies, students will go back through the passage several times seeking text evidence to answer 16 questions.

As students answer questions correctly, part of the secret message will be revealed.

Incorrect answers will turn red, allowing students an opportunity to try again.

Think Tank Teacher Escape Rooms
Think Tank Teacher Escape Rooms

Topics covered

U.S. History



World History


Growth Mindset


and MANY more topics!


What teachers are saying...

My students though this was the coolest thing. I used it as a finish early activity after doing a Google slide activity on MLK. They thought this was the best and asked if I could do more. of these activities.

-Lee Ann G, 5th Grade

This was amazing–challenging and standards-connected, engaging and perfectly timed! Students loved this resource as did I–thank you!!

-Nancy M, 6th Grade

Amazing resource! Great for distance learning and Black History Month. Self-checking makes it easier to grade and monitor student progress. Even inspired me to create my own self-checking Google Sheets! Thank you!

-Brooke B, 6th Grade

This was a great digital reading comprehension activity about MLK Jr. Loved the self-checking aspect with the red and green boxes, as well as the pixel picture filling in only with a correct answer. Thank you for sharing!

-Tanya W, 4th Grade

OMGosh! This was amazing. My kids were so engaged while working. I loved that it forced them to look back in the text for exact answers, and it required them to spell the answers correctly. Sometimes, the kids just want to rush through to get finished, and this style of work didn’t let them. I hope I can find more like this! 🙂

Crystal M, 6th Grade

Students love secret messages – constantly ask for them!!

-Kristin B, 5th Grade

I left this one day when I had to be absent and the students were obsessed with it. They begged for more like this!

Kathryn W, 6th Grade

My students absolutely loved this activity! I used it with my gifted and co-teach students.

Tina B, 4th Grade

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