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Reading Comprehension Challenges can be used for...

Stations or Independent Practice


Sub Plans

Early Finshers

Group Work

Unit Review

How it works...

Students work individually (or in pairs) and read the full passage.

Using close reading strategies, students will go back through the passage several times seeking text evidence to complete each of the six activities.

As students complete each task, they will earn a robot “part” to assemble at the end.

Students will color and assemble their robot.

Thinktivity Think Tank Teacher

Topics covered

U.S. History



World History


Growth Mindset


and MANY more topics!


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What teachers are saying...

Needed a filler for a change in plans and this was the perfect way to help my students learn about the Peloponnesian Wars! I made it a partner challenge and the kids were excited to work. 

-Janelle G, 4th Grade

The reading comprehension really made them work to infer the answers, which is a skill they needed to work on as well! Perfect no-prep activity!

-Ben F, 7th Grade

Exactly what I wanted–thank you! This was perfect. Love all of your stuff!

-Erin W, 6th Grade

My students loved this! I used at as an introduction to the Roman Republic and it was great! I made it a competition between groups and the kids were so engaged and excited about it! 

-Sarah G, 5th Grade

The activities were perfect! It challenged them but was not overwhelming. Thank you for making such a great resource!

Tasha Z, 4th Grade

My students loved working through this thinktivity! So much fun!

-Mikayla C, 6th Grade

Great resource to use to mix things up when studying history.

Kristi-Ann M, 5th Grade

This has been an awesome resource in my newcomer classroom. I wish I had found your shop earlier in the year! My newcomer students were able to practice reading, writing, and work on skills. Thank you!

Jackson T, 4th Grade

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