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Sometimes it’s difficult to really hook your students when you tell them they have to do research!  This activity was designed to reignite their passion for learning. Who doesn’t like to color?  

The Thomas Jefferson Research Project allows students to display their research with a fun, colorful and unique pennant.  Show off your president art by hanging them in the hallway, bulletin board or around the classroom!  The Thomas Jefferson project pennant is student friendly and provides a guide for your students about what to research. 

Perfect resource for studying and researching U.S. Presidents and President’s Day.  There are so many ways to use these president pennant projects in your class!

You will need: scissors, markers or colored pencils and tape or glue sticks to assemble the pennants.

A planning sheet is provided for students to do their initial research with as well as a bibliography page.  This project includes research for:

                • Political Party
                • First Lady
                • Vice President
                • Famous Quote
                • Birth/Death Date
                • Dates in Office
                • Birth Place
                • Fun Facts (6)
                • Major Accomplishments (4)
                • College/Schooling
                • Military Experience
                • President Number

PLEASE NOTE:  Informational text is not included in this download.

How do you do research in your classroom? Comment below.

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