Westward Expansion
Westward Expansion

Grades 4-7

Westward Expansion

Interactive activities in this bundle include:

1. Louisiana Purchase Escape Room (Printable)

2. Westward Expansion Reading Passages (Printable)

3. California Gold Rush Interactive Google Slides™ Presentation (Digital)

4. Oregon Trail Scavenger Hunt (Printable)

5. Gold Rush Task Cards Review Game (Printable)

6. Lewis and Clark Review Game (Digital)

7. Pony Express Color by Number (Printable)

8. Lewis and Clark Comprehension Challenge (Printable)

9. Lewis and Clark Secret Message Activity (Digital)

10. Louisiana Purchase Digital Notebook (Digital)

11. Daniel Boone Self Grading Google Form (Digital)

12. Oregon Trail Breakout Puzzles (Printable)

13. Transcontinental Railroad Reading Thinktivity (Printable)

14. Westward Expansion Color by Number (Printable)

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Westward Expansion Bundle of 14 engaging activities
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