Grab a Free Growth Mindset Escape Room for grades 4-8.

Hi, I’m Lisa!

I’m a curriculum developer, educator, blogger, restless dreamer, and world traveler.

I’m also a side-hustling teacher with big dreams! My mission is to help busy teachers go from anxious to confident, and from unnoticed to unstoppable in their classroom.

Between planning lessons, grading papers, and balancing differentiation and rigor… You’re busy!

I get it!  That’s’ why I created NO PREP lessons just for you!

Too many times I found myself cramming on Sunday night searching endlessly for engaging resources. After realizing that the cram session never turned out well, I decided to create my own lessons.

I love creating one-of-a-kind learning activities for reluctant learners. I truly believe the key to motivated students is challenging, interactive activities with a twist of fun!

FUN FACTS about me

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