About Me

Hi, I’m Amy! I’m a side-hustling teacher with big dreams! My mission is to help busy teachers go from anxious to confident, and from unnoticed to unstoppable in their classroom.
Between planning lessons, grading papers and balancing differentiation and rigor…   

Your plate is full!

So, I’ve created some engagement-boosting classroom activities just for you!

…to re-fuel the energy in your classroom with a huge serving of creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills.

…to help you take a load off and ease the pressure.

You deserve that.
My specialty is No Prep Escape Rooms for the classroom. They allow even the most reluctant learners to become immersed in the process. A level of differentiation is included to make every student feel important and motivated to learn. Just print and go! Now you’ll have time to focus on what you do best…teach.
A little more about me:
University of Florida Degree
VFW- Teacher of the Year
Department Chair
Grade Level Chair
Professional Development Facilitator
School Advisory Council
Student Council Sponsor
Geography Bee Sponsor
PLC Lead
CAR-PD Certified
Special Education Certified
Social Studies Certified
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