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  • Civics Collaborative Poster! Team Work – We Love Civics
  • American Revolution Causes Scavenger Hunt -Task Cards – Revolutionary War Causes
  • Civil War Battles Scavenger Hunt -Task Cards – Abraham Lincoln
  • U.S. Constitution Color by Number : Articles and Amendments
  • Bill of Rights Color by Number : U.S. Constitution Amendments Activity
  • Judicial Branch ESCAPE ROOM: Supreme Court, U.S. Constitution
  • Executive Branch ESCAPE ROOM: President, U.S. Constitution
  • Legislative Branch ESCAPE ROOM: Congress, U.S. Constitution
  • Emancipation Proclamation ESCAPE ROOM: Abraham Lincoln, Civil War
  • Gettysburg Address ESCAPE ROOM: – Abe Lincoln
  • Statue of Liberty ESCAPE ROOM: Ellis Island, Immigration, 4th of July – NO PREP!
  • Citizenship and Naturalization ESCAPE ROOM: Becoming a U.S. citizen
  • Memorial Day ESCAPE ROOM – Fun Facts, Heroes, Tomb of Unknown Soldier
  • Cinco de Mayo ESCAPE ROOM – Fun Facts, May 5th, Mexico, Battle of Puebla
  • Great Depression ESCAPE ROOM: Dust Bowl, Roaring Twenties, Stock Market
  • Women’s Suffrage ESCAPE ROOM: 19th Amendment – Voting Rights – Print & Go!
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