Back to School About Me Doodle Stations - Icebreaker Activity!


Back to School About Me Doodle Stations – Icebreaker Activity perfect for grades 3-9!

Number of Pages: 32 pages


Back to School Doodle Stations Activity-About Me Icebreaker: This super-colorful Back to School doodle activity is a great way to learn about your students and build community. It’s a fun, creative, colorful, collaborative “All About Me” icebreaker activity! This the perfect Back to School activity that allows students to visit stations, color, follow directions, use their creativity and learn about their classmates.

The Back to School “About Me” doodle coloring page is set up for six different stations. At each station students answer a question. The answer to their question will involve colorful codes. For example, if they have a dog, they may color in red. If they have a bird, they may color in the doodle with green. If they have a cat, they may color in purple stripes. Each answer has it’s own color code. Colored pencils, crayons, or markers will be needed to complete this activity. This resource will work for multiple grade levels or subjects! Students will color in answers about their family, hobbies, food, pets, job ideas and colors.

This product includes:
Teacher Directions
8 Zen-Doodle Design Templates to choose from (See preview for examples)
Classmate color analysis worksheet- “Meet my classmate”
Grouping Cards (optional)
Extra Station Cards so you can write your own questions/answers (optional)

I like to make multiple copies of each design and let the student choose which design they want to work with. When the activity is finished, I collect the designs and display their art on the bulletin board for Open House or Parent Night. The end result is a fun, colorful bulletin board idea, a chain link display, 3D cubes or art to hang around the room.

Icebreaker Fun: After students finish the six station rotation they can present their colorful doodle artwork to a classmate. The classmate will then analyze or decode the colors to learn about their new friend. A worksheet is provided for students to fill in what they learned about two to four classmates based on the colors used in their doodle.


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