Declaration of Independence Interactive Google Slides™ Presentation

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Declaration of Independence Interactive Google Slides™ presentation perfect for 4th-8th grade AND homeschooling!

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Declaration of Independence Interactive Google Slides™ Presentation

Try something exciting with this Digital Declaration of Independence Interactive Google Slides Presentation ™ with self-checking questions! You can EASILY download the Google Slides ™ as a PowerPoint if that platform works better for you! (directions inside)


Topics include: Declaration of Independence, grievances, King George III, Second Continental Congress, John Locke, Unalienable rights, resolution


Students will read a short paragraph and then answer a question, move onto the next paragraph on a new slide and complete the corresponding question. There are 12 paragraphs and 12 questions.


Please view the video to get a good understanding of this resource.


What’s Included?

✔️ Short Non-Fiction Reading Passages

✔️ Corresponding Questions

✔️ Teacher Directions

✔️ Student Directions

✔️ Words to Know

✔️ Interactive Google Slides™ Presentation

✔️ Background Sound


What types of questions are used?

Multiple Choice



What do students need?

✔️ Access to Google Classroom™

✔️ Google ™ accounts

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