Growth Mindset Collaborative Poster! Team Work - Uncle Sam


Growth Mindset Collaborative Poster! Team Work – Uncle Sam – Perfect for grades 3-8!

Number of Pages: 38 pages


The Uncle Sam – Growth Mindset Collaborative Block Poster can be used as a fun teambuilding activity to promote positive thinking. Students work together to piece their growth mindset “block” with their classmates. The result is a beautiful, fun, one of a kind pop-art to hang in the hall. “I want you to do your best” is such a powerful reminder about effort and persistence for your students.

You can use the Uncle Sam – Growth Mindset Block Poster as a bulletin board display, hang on the classroom wall, classroom door, hallway, school entrance, library, gym or any place you see fit. This poster will pop and students and teachers will stop to admire your work!

This is the perfect Growth Mindset activity to promote hard work, effort and persistence! I like to play music in the background while they are working and coloring. The Uncle Sam – Growth Mindset Poster is designed so that each student colors their own block/piece of the poster. When everyone is done, they have to work as a team to put the block poster puzzle back together. Each poster has an abstract background to make your poster “pop”.

Students will need color pencils, markers or crayons, tape and scissors. This activity is great because they can put a personal art twist on their own block. The included teacher and students directions are very simple to follow. The possibilities are endless with this activity! My favorite part is watching the kids work as a team to try to piece it back together. Your students CHOOSE the colors!

This is GREAT for community building and teamwork! Teachers should create a classroom that supports persistence, effort and even mistakes. Hanging the Positivity Poster is the perfect reminder for students.

How you choose to set it up in your classroom is up to you J Each student colors one “block” or section of a large poster.  This product includes 25 “blocks” or pages to color. I do understand that some of you will have less than twenty five students, as do I. There are ALWAYS students that finish early that are eager to color a second page. I also like to sit down with my students and color a “block”. Print the file ONE time for each class on 8.5×11 paper!


•Teacher Directions

•Student Directions

•Pattern Design Ideas

•25 different blocks to color (1 per student)

•The final poster size is around 30”x 34”

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