Napoleon Bonaparte Close Reading Quest – Task Cards and Text Marking

Earn 90 Reward Points

Napoleon Bonaparte Close Reading Quest – Task Cards and Text Marking perfect for in the classroom or at home!

Number of Pages: 17 pages


With their Napoleon Bonaparte Close Reading Quest in hand, students will move around the classroom practicing reading comprehension skills, answering questions, and finding clues to reverse the “Spell of Westham Mystique.”

Topics include: French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, Napoleonic Code and military battles

Students are invited to Wizardry School but must pass the final sorcerer test! This text-marking quest has students using their reading passage multiple times searching for evidence to each of the 20 questions (task-cards).

Students will work individually (or in pairs) and race to see who can reverse the spell first! A friendly competition always increases engagement. As students answer each question, they will need to underline or highlight where they found the answer in the reading passage. A four-digit code will be revealed in the end. If you prefer, you can set this activity up like an escape room.

What’s Included?

✔️ Reading Passage

✔️ 20 Questions – Task Cards

✔️ Student Recording Sheet

✔️ Student Directions

✔️ Teacher Answer Key

✔️ Teacher Directions

✔️ Certificate

What do students need?

✏️ Pencils or Highlighters (to mark the text and cross off answers)

Options for Use:

✏️ Anticipatory Sets

✏️ Unit Review

✏️ Early Finishers

✏️ Gallery Walk

✏️ Stations

✏️ Sub Plans

✏️ Rewards

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