Revolutionary War Causes Activity – Full Size Group Tarsia Puzzle! American Revolution

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Revolutionary War Causes Full Size Group Tarsia Puzzle! American Revolution perfect for grades 5-8!

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Revolutionary War Causes Activity

The Causes of the Revolutionary War Tarsia puzzle is a full size Tarsia puzzle to be completed in groups! An engaging, hands-on activity for assessing knowledge about the American Revolution causes. When you are finished, hang the large Causes of the Revolutionary War poster on the wall or hang it in the hallway for teachers and students to admire!

What is a Tarsia? A Tarsia puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle in which the edge of each piece of the puzzle (page) contains an answer, a question or is left blank. To complete the Tarsia puzzle students will need to match the answer to the correct question, then rebuild the original shape (in this case a large rectangle). In this Tarsia an event will be matched with a definition. Several matches will be made per puzzle page so assembling it in the correct order takes some critical thinking skills!

Group work activities promote discussions about the topic and encourage teamwork.

There are three levels of difficulty for differentiation! Each level includes directions.
Print the level of your choice which will be 9-12 pages per group.

There is an optional formative and exit slip included in the product.

I suggest doing this as a post lesson activity so that students can use their own knowledge to piece the puzzle together.

There is a picture in the middle of each puzzle piece. Coloring is optional. There is a wavy line design in the background of each Tarsia page to add to the design.

This is a full size Tarsia that will be 25 x 33 inches using 9 full size sheets of computer paper (8.5 x 11).

Materials needed: glue or tape, markers or color pencils, scissors

***This product is meant for group use. It would take too long for one individual student to complete if they are to color it as well.***

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