Revolutionary War Causes Reading Passages - Text Marking + Word Search


Revolutionary War Causes Reading Passages Activity perfect for  4th-8th grade and distance learning!


Revolutionary War Causes Reading Passages – Text Marking + Word Search

Grab the highlighter and have some interactive fun with the Revolutionary War Causes Reading Passages, Questions and Text Marking Activity! Ensure understanding with different types of reading comprehension questions. Perfect addition to your American Revolution unit.


Topics include: French and Indian War, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Intolerable Act, Tea Act, First Continental Congress, Sons of Liberty


What’s Included?

✔️ 4 Non-Fiction Reading Passages with Questions

✔️ Text Marking Key

✔️ Teacher Directions

✔️ Student Directions

✔️ Answer Keys

✔️ Words to Know List

✔️ Word Search


What types of questions are used?

Multiple Choice


Fill in the Blank


What do students need?

Blue highlighter or crayon

Green highlighter or crayon

Yellow highlighter or crayon


To add an extra layer of fun (and for your early finishers) there is a different word search included with each reading passage!


Reading 1: Tensions Rising

Reading 2: Boston Massacre

Reading 3: Boston Tea Party

Reading 4: 1st Continental Congress


Grab the corresponding Boom CardsHERERepurpose the content, check for understanding and take a deep dive into the reading passages.


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