Grab a Free Growth Mindset Escape Room for grades 4-8.

Classroom game templates for TPT sellers and teachers

If you want to infuse your resources or classroom with a twist of fun but don’t have time (or energy) to start from scratch, then Cloaked in Fun is the shortcut you’re looking for! With best practice guides and 25 Plug and Play PowerPoint templates to choose from, you’ll quickly stand out in your classroom or TPT shop.

Escape room templates for printable games

With 20 puzzle templates for Etsy sellers to choose from, you have over 38,760 unique escape room combinations! (That’ll keep you busy for a while!) You’ll never have to stop and wonder “What should I create next?” With Easy Escape Rooms, you’ll not only gain the confidence and guidance you need to transition to a party planning printable pro but you’ll also get the tools you need to do it!

Whether you already have an online shop and are looking to expand product lines, or you’re brand new to digital downloads for kids and eager to learn more, this course is for you! You’ll learn how to create printable at-home-fun scavenger hunts for  your Etsy shop or educational scavenger hunts for your TPT shop.

email marketing course for TPT and Etsy sellers (printables for kids)

Focusing on a list-building strategy will drastically improve the long-term growth of your TPT or Etsy store and drive more sales to help you hit your bottom line month over month. The only beginner’s email marketing course dedicated SOLELY to TPT & Etsy Sellers! (or anyone that sells printables for kids)

Email mini series for TPT sellers

Does creating a successful product line or the next best-seller in your TpT shop feel like a mystery to you? You’re in good hands. Sign up below to receive a complete breakdown on ways to make your TpT products stand out (and no we’re not talking covers, previews or SEO).

Grab your FREE comprehensive Etsy starter guide and open up your world to earning passive income by selling printables for kids.

Teacher Template Toolbox PD course

It’s time to be more intentional with your instructional time. Stop scrolling for hours trying to find resources to use for your 4-8 classroom that you’ll never touch again! Teacher Template Toolbox not only covers best practices but you’ll gain access to 40+ editable PowerPoint templates as well as a 10-hour PD certificate. Personal use only. 

How to gamify your lesson plans and worksheets


We’ve all been there – facing those blank stares and distant daydreams during a lesson. But what if I told you there’s a way to turn those passive learning moments into a captivating classroom adventure?

Calling all Upper Elementary and Middle School teachers in grades 3-10 that teach Social Studies, Science and ELA! Are you ready to cloak the learning with a twist of fun and learn EASY ways to gamify your worksheets?

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