Grab a Free Growth Mindset Escape Room for grades 4-8.

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Free Growth Mindset Escape Room!

Who doesn’t love a growth mindset escape room?

Do you want to inspire students to think outside the box? Are you looking for high quality, engaging resources that promote critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and teamwork?

(If you’ve never heard of Growth Mindset check out this resource

Do you want to try an escape room in your classroom but just don’t have the time or energy to create one?

My NO PREP Escape Rooms will make your student engagement sky-rocket! There’s no silly envelopes to stuff or crazy shapes to cut out, just PRINT & GO!

Every student has an exciting opportunity to race against the clock to solve puzzles.

Even the most reluctant learner immerses themselves in the process of breaking codes. My goal is to save you time while encouraging active learning and student inquiry.

Each escape room includes fun, colorful signs to take class pictures with at the end of the mission. You could hang the pictures in your room, send them in a parent newsletter or share them on social media. 

I’ve done all the work for you! What are you waiting for? See why THOUSANDS of teachers are using Think Tank Escape Rooms.  Try one and you’ll be hooked!


Still hesitant? Why not try a FREE Growth Mindset Escape Room!  

This FREE Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom! This escape room has students decode inspirational quotes from famous figures about growth mindset. 

Students will learn facts and quotes about Rosa Parks, Theodore Roosevelt, William Shakespeare and Oprah Winfrey. Your students will be inspired to do their best.

The Growth Mindset Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking codes.  The codes include ciphers, Morse code, cryptograms and a final 4 digit code based on the decoders/clues.

Each clue and code is different.  The codes require students to think differently to decipher or decode them. 

Some codes are easier than others. Some codes require critical thinking to determine what a letter/symbol stands for.  Each code will reveal interesting facts about famous people and their Growth Mindset.

The use of secret code will keep your students engaged while competing to find the final code.  Students can report the final code to you. If you wanted to, you could purchase a 4 digit lock that you program, but it is not necessary at all! No props needed!!

This is a NO PREP, NO PROPS, PRINT & GO Activity! Best used in grades 4-8.  

You can use the pre-labeled clues or you can challenge older kids to choose/find the decoder that works for each of the clues. 

A set of labeled and non-labeled decoders are included for differentiation. A “How to Decode” puzzles is also included. An answer key and easy to follow teacher directions are provided.  

Time needed: 30-60 minutes.

In addition to learning or reinforcing the subject matter, my escape rooms encourage teamwork and critical thinking.  As a “timed” challenge, students will be engaged from beginning to end.

This FREE escape room includes fun, colorful signs to take class pictures with at the end of the mission. 



  • I have a combined SPED-MAC classroom of 6,7,& 8 graders who are action oriented and love a good challenge

  • Thank you! I’m getting ready for the beginning of school, and what better way than to start with some Growth Mindset Escape Room.


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Grab a Free Growth Mindset Escape Room for grades 4-8.

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