400 Done For You Social Media Graphics JUST for TPT Sellers and Teachers!

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Growing your teacher business and followers online can be overwhelming! Grab these done-for-you, pre-made Social Media graphics and have something beautiful to post every day!


400 Done For You Social Media Graphics JUST for Teachers and Teacherpreneurs!

Say goodbye to Social Media stress!

Are you ready to take back your time and cut hours of needless brainstorming with access to 400 Done For You Social Media graphics?

The ready-to-go Social Media images for teacherpreneurs allow you to create a content strategy, boost visibility and start conversations with your fellow teachers.  Increase confidence by knowing that you have something beautiful to post every time.  

Growing your teacher business and followers online can be overwhelming! Grab these done-for-you, pre-made Social Media graphics and have something beautiful to post every day! 400 stress-free, scroll-stopping Social Media posts for Instagram and Facebook. Imagine never having to create a graphic from scratch again!

You’ll receive access to an organized Trello board full of pre-made, JPEG Social media images!

Does this sound like you?

️ You are driving yourself crazy trying to come up with new content to post on Social Media.

️ You want your audience to begin to recognize your brand through your images, but you have no idea where to start.

️ You know you have to be active on Social Media, but creating graphics takes up too much of your time.

️ You’re tired of spending hours searching for the perfect teacher quote, pairing fonts and picking color palettes.

️ You’re not in a place where you can afford to hire a graphic designer.

️ You’re trying to grow your Social Media presence but you hear crickets every time you post.

️ You want to be more visible on Social Media but you have no idea what to say.

️ You’re tired of racking your brain trying to create cohesive graphics.

️ You’re embarrassed that your Instagram feed looks like a jumbled mess.

Too many teacherpreneurs have no plan in place when it comes to Social Media.  Are you trying to grow your Social Media followers, but you’re stuck staring at a blank screen? Maybe you think it’s just too hard, or that it’s useless because you’re not a graphic designer.  I hear you!  When you build a system and create a vision, everything will fall into place!

Studies show that visual content gains over 90% more views and 40x more shares.  Social Media graphics have the potential to go VIRAL.  Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement.  100 million images are posted on Instagram every day.  Are you ready to stand out?

You can:

Post the image As-Is

Add your logo, and brand as your own

Create your own backgrounds with the transparent PNG’s in Canva.

What’s Included?

️ 400 DONE FOR YOU, scroll-topping, Social Media graphics JUST FOR BUSY TEACHERPRENEURS!

️ Images are 1080×1080, ideal size for FB and Insta

️ 138 General Motivational Quotes

️ 27 Teacher Humor Quotes

52 Teacher questions to increase engagement

️ 19 General Humor Quotes

️ 34 Days, Months & Seasons

️17 Major US holidays

️24 This or That Questions

️ 25 Teacher Would You Rather Questions

️ 24 Drop an Emoji Questions

️ 32 General Questions

️ 13 Teacher Quotes

️ 7 Alerts

️ Daily Hashtag Ideas

️ 4 Weeks Social Media Challenge

️  Trello User Guide

️ Canva Design Guide









How are the files delivered?

📋 You will receive a Trello user guide PDF with a link to a Trello board template with colorful JPEG images (not customizable)

📋 You will receive a Canva Design Guide PDF with a link to a Canva template.  The PNG’s have black lettering and a transparent background so you can add your own color branding.

Why do you NEED 400 Done For You images for your Teacherpreneur business?

🤍 So you can have time to focus on larger tasks or product creation

🤍 So you feel in control of what you will post

🤍 So you never have to stare at a blank screen wondering what to post again

🤍 So you can boost engagement without having to think about it

🤍 So you don’t have to scour the internet for hours looking for ideas


Can I change the fonts?

The files are JPEG format, so you will NOT be able to change the fonts.  The PNG template also do not allow for font changes. 

Can I change the colors?

The JPEG images on the Trello board are not customizable.  You can, however, add your logo.  The PNG’s on the Canva template can be customized.  You’ll need to use a third-party platform to change the font color (Paint, Paint 3D, Lunapic).  On Canva, you can add your own background, border, images etc. 

Are Trello and Canva accounts free?

Both Trello and Canva are FREE, all you need to do is create an account!

Can I add my own logo?

Sure thing! Add your own logo and claim them as your own!

Are the images royalty free and safe to use?

Any quote has been cited by the author and is in the public domain.  Any image used has an extended license just for you. They are ALL safe to use.

What size are the images?

The image templates are 1080 x 1080 pixels – the optimal size for Instagram and Facebook.

Can I share the Trello board and Canva content with others?

You are buying a license for one person for all of your commercial needs. You are not allowed to share or distribute the content files with other people for their use on Social Media. You are not allowed to sell the files as your own work.  You may not create derivative work and sell as your own. Derivative works infringe upon our copyright and our legal team will seek damages.

How do I access the images?

You will receive a Trello User Guide in PDF format. The User Guide guide will have a link to your templates and images.  You will also receive a Canva Design Guide with a link to the PNG images.

Does every image on the Trello board come with a corresponding PNG that I can customize?


Full year’s worth of content!

What are you waiting for?

Post your very own Social Media graphics in half the time!


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