Ancient Egypt Secret Message Activity For Google Sheets™

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Ancient Egypt Secret Message Activity For Google Sheets™ perfect for in the classroom or at home!

Number of Pages: 7 pages


Have some digital fun with this Ancient Egypt Secret Message Activity for Google Sheets™. Students will read a non-fiction passage and answer questions. Correct answers will begin to reveal the secret message! Great self-checking reading comprehension activity for distance learning or computer day.

Topics include: Ancient Egypt, pharaohs, King Tut, Ramses II and more.

What’s Included?

?? 2 Page Reading Passage

?? 16 Questions

?? Teacher Directions

?? Student Directions

What types of questions are used?

Fill in the Blank

Short Answer

What do students need?

?? Access to Google Classroom™ or Google Sheets™

?? Google™ accounts

Students MUST read the passage several times to search for their answers. This ensures that they are comprehending what they read.

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