Boston Tea Party Color by Number, Reading Passage and Text Marking


Boston Tea Party Color by Number, Reading Passage and Text Marking perfect for grades 5-9!


This Boston Tea Party Color by Number and Text Marking activity is the perfect way to bring life to the topic! Topics in the Boston Tea Party reading passage include British Parliament, No Taxation without Representation, Sons of Liberty, Tea Act, Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, etc.

Students complete a “before reading” anticipation guide, read about the Boston Tea Party, answers questions, mark the text for evidence, color the picture according to their answer, and complete the “after reading” anticipation guide.

This is a great cross-curriculum activity that also practices Language Arts skills and citing evidence. You can use this Boston Tea Party activity to assess prior knowledge. You can use this activity as a unit review. Lastly, you could use the student worksheet as a quiz or formative and then let them color as a reward! You choose what works best for you.

This is a fun, colorful activity that allows students to show mastery while relaxing, learning and coloring in their answers. This is also perfect for emergency sub plans! Hang the finished product in the hall for teachers and students to stop and admire.

What’s Included:

•1 Word design

•12 questions

•1 Reading Passage

•1 Anticipation Guide

What do you need?

Crayons, markers or colored pencils

The following colors will be used: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green,

Blue, Brown, Purple

(all standard colors)

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