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Division – Whole Numbers – Up to 12 – Math Mystery Picture Reveal – Joke

This Whole Numbers Division up To 12 Mystery Picture Reveal Activity includes 20 math problems for students to practice their math skills. Answers will result in whole numbers. Review division skills and fact fluency with your students in a fun way. The digital activity was designed in Google Sheets™ and can be used in Google Classroom™. Perfect for distance learning or a fun day with technology!

Students will solve a math problem and enter their answer. If the answer is correct, a piece of the image will be revealed. Once all questions are answered correctly, the full image will be revealed which displays a kid-friendly joke.

The Digital Math Pixel Art – Mystery Picture Reveal Activity reviews a specific math skill. This activity is self-grading, fun and interactive for students! The math mystery picture reveal provides your students extra practice with learning and mastering their math skills.

Benefits of this resource:
☑️ Common Core Aligned
☑️ Distance Learning Ready
☑️ Academically Engaging
☑️ Self-Graded
☑️ Interactive

Great supplement for teachers looking for digital math review, math test prep, or additional math practice.

Please Note: Students may need to ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT depending on their screen size settings or device.



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