Halloween Accordion Book – Create your own! Choose from 26 Halloween templates!

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Halloween Accordion Book – Create your own! Choose from 26 Halloween templates!  Great for grades 3-8!

Number of Pages: 32 pages


Halloween Accordion Foldable Book Activity:

This is the perfect Halloween activity/craftivity to keep your kids engaged before or on the holiday! Students color pre-made Halloween pictures, write about Halloween or draw their own Halloween pictures. Let them use their imagination and creativity. Several writing prompts or writing ideas are included. The best part is that you can create your own accordion book. Each page has 4 ghosts on it. You choose which pages you want to use! OR you can allow your students to choose! Perfect for differentiation and different age levels.

This is called a “Create Your Own” accordion book because you can choose which page you want to start your book, which page you want to end your book and even if you want to add a middle page.

I like to print a few piles of each one and have students choose two- three pages, BUT one of them MUST have to do with writing. You do not have to tape sets together if you do not want. You may be happy with just one small accordion book with a set of 4 ghosts. The books may vary in length based on student grade level and ability.

There are 26 different pages/designs, so there are so many possibilities!

You will need:


Tape (not glue sticks or glue)

Colored pencils, markers or crayons

Check out the preview to see all of the templates. They print horizontal on 8.5×11 paper.


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