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Cure student boredom with an interactive DIGITAL Halloween Trivia Escape Room! The DIGITAL Escape Room is a winning combination of trivia and critical thinking, that requires NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE! A fascinating NO-PREP, self-checking digital activity to keep your students engaged in learning more about Halloween!

Number of Pages: 4 in PDF + 28 Digital Scenes


Cure student boredom with an interactive DIGITAL Halloween Trivia Escape Room! The DIGITAL Escape Room is a winning combination of trivia and critical thinking, that requires NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE! A fascinating NO-PREP, self-checking digital activity with a twist of FUN that covers fun facts about Halloween and traditions around the world.


The whole activity is housed on ONE website, making this a cinch to share and play! No outside links and no accounts or login required!


As students progress through the “amusement park” themed digital escape room, they will visit 9 attractions with a total of 35 questions. This trivia escape is ideal for igniting critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills, while gaining or reviewing knowledge on the topic.


Please test this link on a STUDENT DEVICE to ensure the site is not blocked by your district:




No grading involved! This is a self-checking activity with an “answer bank” for each challenge that offers immediate student feedback. The questions are set with “answer validation,” therefore, students cannot move on to the next challenge until they answer the questions correctly. If you are using the activity for front loading and they have no prior knowledge, they will still be able to play! Students will use deductive reasoning as well as trial and error to figure out the correct answer because each challenge includes some sort of answer bank (drag and drop, drop-down menu, click and disappear etc). Please note: You will not be able to collect scores or data since this is a self-checking, view-only, digital activity.


How will they know the answers if they don’t have prior knowledge?

Some of the answers are NOT common knowledge, but don’t stress! There are only so many possible answer combinations, and some sort of “bank” is provided for every “ride.” Each answer bank includes just a few ‘possible’ answers per question, so if they get it wrong, they can just try a new answer. Example: In what year did George Washington accept an assignment to lead the Continental Army? Now, this may not be common knowledge but the “answer bank” has the following answers to choose from: 1745, 1775. Should they get the answer wrong the first time, they can guess again. Therefore, the question themselves are puzzles. In some cases, they’ll need to use deductive reasoning to determine which answer they need to change.


How do Digital Escape Rooms work? All you need to do is send students the link, it’s THAT easy!


What do I need to access the activity? You need access to the internet and technology devices (Chromebooks, iPads, or laptops). Google accounts are NOT needed! (no e-mail addresses are required) This is a DIGITAL activity only and it is NOT editable. Due to font sizes and interactive elements, cell phones are not recommended.



  •  Teacher Guide
  •  9 Puzzle Trivia Challenges
  •  35 Total Questions
  •  Frequently Asked Questions
  •  Answer Key


Play Options:

  •  Individual
  •  Partners
  •  Groups of 3-4
  •  Whole class


Use this activity for:

  •  Pre-Assessment
  •  Unit Review
  •  Enrichment Activity
  •  Teamwork Activity
  •  Reward Activity
  •  Post-Assessment
  •  Sub Plans
  •  Group Stations


Question Types:

  •  To Begin – One drag and drop word unscramble
  •  STOP 1: 4 Multiple Choice with answer bank
  •  STOP 2: 4 Questions that indicate a “direction” on a compass with a drag and drop word bank
  •  STOP 3: 4 Fill in the blank questions where they “decode” the missing word
  •  STOP 4: 3 Multiple Choice check boxes
  •  STOP 5: 5 Matching Q and A that disappear when correct
  •  STOP 6: 9 True or False that disappear when correct
  •  STOP 7: 3 Multiple Choice with drop-down menu
  •  STOP 8: Lock combination that involves very basic math (addition and subtraction: 1-10)
  •  STOP 9: 3 Decoded fill in the blank ciphers


Please note: Should you love this activity and purchase a second, the “story line” and starting point puzzle are the same in every similar resource in this product line, but all the questions and answers are different! Remember, the focus here is on learning or reviewing the topic, not the story.


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Copyright Information :
© Think Tank Teacher LLC. Please note – all material included in this resource belongs to Think Tank Teacher LLC. By purchasing, you have a license to use the material but you do not own the material. You may not upload any portion of this resource to the internet in any format, including school/personal websites or network drives unless the site is password protected and can only be accessed by students, not other teachers or anyone else on the internet.


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