Statue of Liberty DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM for Google Drive® | Distance Learning


Statue of Liberty Digital Escape Room Activity perfect for 4th-8th grade AND distance learning!

Statue of Liberty DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM for Google Drive® | Distance Learning

The Statue of Liberty Digital Escape Room will take students on a secret mission through two 360° VIEW rooms!  This escape room has students decode interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty, her meaning and Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.




It is your responsibility to ensure the links will work prior to your purchase.  Test these links first on a student account. (students will only see my puzzle)


The Digital Escape Room includes 4 sets of activities:

Activity 1: Reading, Quiz, Cryptogram

Activity 2: Reading, Quiz, Maze

Activity 3: Reading, Quiz, Cipher

Activity 4: Reading, Quiz, Jigsaw


Some codes are easier than others. Some codes require critical thinking to determine what a letter/symbol stands for. Each code will reveal interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty. The use of secret code will keep your students engaged while competing to find the final code.


The best age range for this resource is 8+. Please look at the preview to determine if this resource works for your age group. Younger students may need some help with some of the more difficult codes. A “How to Decode” puzzles is also included.


This escape room ensures that students actually read the passages! They will then answer 3 questions about each of the 4 passages and then decode a puzzle.


It is recommended that students have a small scratch sheet of paper or a copy of the student reference sheet included in your download. 


Students CAN NOT complete this activity without reading and answering the quiz questions correctly!  There is also a “Read to Me” option which allows the students to hear the passage read to them.  If they choose this option, be sure they have headphones.   


All you have to do is share the link with your students!! It’s THAT easy!


Time needed: 30-60 minutes.


By purchasing this product, you understand that you AND your students must have a Google account.


Grab the corresponding Statue of Liberty BoomCards HERE. Great way to reuse and repurpose the reading passages included in this escape room.

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