Valentine’s Day BUNDLE – Valentine’s Escape Room and Collaborative Poster!

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This BUNDLE includes a Valentine’s Day Escape Room and a Valentine’s Day Collaborative Poster perfect for grades 4-8!

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The Valentine’s Day Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom! This escape room has students decode fun and interesting trivia facts about Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect resource to celebrate Valentine’s Day where every student feels included. The Valentine’s Day Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking codes. Students are given a secret code name and sent on a secret mission to help Casey deliver Valentine’s Day cards. The codes include ciphers, Morse code, cryptograms and a final 4 digit code based on the decoders/clues.

You will learn fun facts like:

-The number of candy hearts produced each year

-The number of Valentine’s cards sent

-The origin of “wear your heart on your sleeve”

-The number of roses sold each year

-Many more fun facts

There are no fancy envelopes to stuff and no silly shapes to cut out! If you wanted to, you could purchase a 4 digit lock that you program, but it is not necessary at all! No props needed!! This is a NO PREP, PRINT & GO Activity!

You can use the pre-labeled clues or you can challenge older kids to choose/find the decoder that works for each of the clues. A set of labeled and non-labeled decoders are included for differentiation.

An answer key and teacher directions are provided.

Time needed: 30-60 minutes

***This product does not contain any religious reference***

Valentine’s Collaborative Poster

The Valentine’s Day – Bee My Valentine Collaborative Block Poster can be used as a fun team building activity to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Students work together to piece their Bee My Valentine “block” with their classmates. The result is a beautiful, fun, one of a kind pop-art to hang in the hall.

You can use the Valentine’s Day – Bee My Valentine Block Poster as a bulletin board display, hang on the classroom wall, classroom door, hallway, school entrance, library, gym or any place you see fit. This poster will pop and students and teachers will stop to admire your work!

Each student colors their own block/piece of the poster. When everyone is done, they have to work as a team to put the block poster puzzle back together. Each poster has an abstract background to make your poster “pop”.

Students will need color pencils, markers or crayons, tape and scissors.

This is GREAT for community building and teamwork!

How you choose to set it up in your classroom is up to you. Each student colors one “block” or section of a large poster.  This product includes 25 “blocks” or pages to color. I do understand that most of you have less than 25 students, as do I. There are ALWAYS early finishers who are willing to color a second block. Some blocks will take more time than others due to picture detail. Often times, I even color a block with my students! Print the file ONE time for each class on 8.5×11 paper!


•Teacher Directions

•Student Directions

•25 different blocks to color (1 per student)

•Example of a final version of poster

•The final poster size is around 32”x 32”


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