World Landmarks Reading Comprehension - Text Marking - Informational Text #2


World Landmarks Reading Comprehension – Text Marking – Informational Text #2 perfect for 3rd and 4th graders AND distance learning!

Grab the highlighter and have some interactive fun with the World Landmarks Reading Comprehension and Text Marking Activity (Volume 2)! A high interest reading comprehension activity for finding text evidence. Perfect way to integrate social studies into your reading curriculum! This resource includes 10 World Landmarks informational reading passages that allow students to color code their answers.
Topics include: Buckingham Palace, Machu Picchu, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Stonehenge, Arc de Triomphe, Parthenon, Forbidden City, Cathedral of Note Dame, Trevi Fountain, and the Louvre Museum
Each passage has:
✔️ 4 Text Marking Prompts
✔️ 2 Multiple Choice Questions
✔️ 2 Words to Know
✔️ A visual image to hang around the room or display
What’s Included?
✔️ 10 Non-Fiction Reading Passages
✔️ Text Marking Key
✔️ Teacher Directions
✔️ Student Directions
✔️ Answer Keys
✔️ Words to Know
What do students need?
Blue highlighter or crayon
Green highlighter or crayon
Yellow highlighter or crayon
Pink highlighter or crayon


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