World War I DIGITAL Reading Passage and Questions - Self Grading

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World War I DIGITAL Reading Passage and Questions – Self Grading

Number of Pages: 7 pages


Ensure comprehension with this SELF-GRADING World War I DIGITAL Reading Passage and Questions for Google Classroom™. The non-fiction reading passage in digital format is delivered through Google Forms™ but a printable copy is inside as well!
Topics include: World War I, Treaty of Versailles, the Zimmerman Telegram & Central and Allied Powers.
Simply share the link provided, have your students complete the reading and questions, and open the responses to see their score. It’s THAT EASY! The Google Form™ questions are completely editable by teachers. You can easily add questions, delete questions, change responses or change the question type.
What’s Included?
✔️ Non-Fiction Reading Passage (2 pages)
✔️ Teacher Directions
✔️ Answer Key
✔️ 15 Question Assessment to Check for Understanding
✔️ Self-Grading Form to Save You Time!
✔️ Printable Version
✔️ Digital Version
What types of questions are used?
Multiple Choice (6)
True or False (9)
Editable questions
What do students need?
✔️ Access to Google Classroom™ (if using the digital format)
✔️ Google™ accounts
✔️ Know how to ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT to enlarge or shrink the screen


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