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7 mistakes email list

Mistakes that can ruin your email list

So you’re building an email list? I am so excited for you! Email marketing is incredibly important to growing your audience and your business. It has been a real game-changer for me.
After trying all the things with my email list, I have a pretty good grasp on the do’s and don’ts of email marketing. The good news is, I’m eager to share my knowledge with you!
Avoid the frustration I experienced by steering clear of these seven mistakes that can ruin your email list:
  1. Making it all about YOU. Yes, you need to share about yourself and your journey, but going overboard with personal details will bore your audience. Your emails first and foremost need to serve your audience. What are their struggles? How can you relate? How can you help them? And perhaps, most importantly, why should they trust you? Use statements like “I’ve been there too” or “I’m sure you can relate.”
  2. Leaving yourself out of the picture altogether. This might seem to contradict mistake #1, but trust me on this! If your emails leave you out completely, there will be no reason for your audience to trust or relate to you. Use first-person, share tidbits about yourself, and get on a first-name basis with your audience. Share relatable struggles. They want to know there’s a real person on the other side of the email.
  3. Unclear messaging. An overly complicated message will make people hit the delete button. Each email should have a singular focus. Otherwise, your readers will be confused and unwilling to keep reading. Identify a purpose to each email and stick with it.
  4. Walls of text. The fastest way to get deleted from an inbox is to send a big, boring wall of text. Keep your writing short, sweet, and to the point. Use no more than 2-3 sentences in a paragraph. Make it easy for people to skim. Sprinkling in emojis or GIFs can be a fun way to add personality while also breaking up the text for easier skimmability.
  5. Failing to include a clear and easy Call to Action. Every email should end with a simple CTA. Make it super simple for the reader to take action. Some ideas for great CTAs:
    • Follow me on Instagram
    • Sign up for my webinar
    • Join my Facebook group
    • Sign up for my course
  6. Grammar and spelling errors. We all make the occasional typo, but emails with frequent errors come across as unprofessional and sloppy. Be sure to proofread before sending, and consider running the text through something like Grammarly.
  7. Too many graphics. Be mindful of loading time. If your email includes several images or graphics, it will take too long to load in your reader’s browser or mobile app. If an email doesn’t load almost immediately, most people just move on. Keep it simple! 
Have you made any of these mistakes with your list? Let’s chat about it in the comments!
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