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Cupcakes, candy, cards, chocolate, pink, red, hearts, crafts…there are tons of ideas that come to mind when teachers think about Valentine’s Day in the classroom. All the anticipation is building up…what should you do with your students? Most Valentine’s Day parties can be fun for February 14th, but many lead to a stress-induced headache!

Instead of just trying to survive the sugar-induced day, why not incorporate some educational Valentine’s Day activities with a twist of fun? Maybe try a game for Valentine’s Day? Read more to learn about some great Valentine’s Day Activities for kids

Here are 8 FUN and EASY Valentine’s Day activities for kids to try in your classroom, stress–free! Whether you’re searching for digital or printable Valentine’s Day resources, I’ve got you covered! These activities are designed for kids in grades 4-7.  

Valentine’s Day Games and Ideas for School

 1.  Valentine’s Day Secret Message Activity

Have some digital fun with this Valentine’s Day Secret Message Activity for Google Sheets™. Students will read a non-fiction passage about the history of Valentine’s Day and then answer questions. Correct answers will begin to reveal the secret message! Great self-checking reading comprehension activity for distance learning.

2.  Valentine’s Day Printable Escape Room

The Valentine’s Day Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about U.S. traditions, traditions around the world and fun Valentine’s Day statistics. This Valentine’s Day Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking codes. The codes include ciphers, Morse code, cryptograms and a final 4 digit code based on the decoders/clues.

 3.  Valentine’s Day Collaborative Poster

The Happy Valentine’s Day Collaborative Block Poster for students can be used as a fun team-building holiday activity to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Students work together to piece their Valentine’s Day “block” with their classmates. The result is a beautiful, fun, one of a kind pop-art to hang in the hall. “Happy Valentine’s Day” is a fun way to ensure that every student in your class feels appreciated.

 4.  Digital Valentine’s Day Escape Room

The Valentine’s Day Digital Escape Room will take students on a secret mission through two 360° VIEW rooms!  This escape room has students decode interesting facts about Valentine’s Day, traditions and history.

5.  Valentine’s Day Interactive Google Slides™ Presentation

Try something new with this Digital Valentine’s Day Interactive Google Slides Presentation™ with self-checking questions! You can EASILY download the Google Slides™ as a PowerPoint if that platform works better for you! (directions inside) Perfect reading comprehension activity for distance learning! Topics include: facts about U.S. traditions, history, traditions around the world and fun Valentine’s Day statistics. Students will read a short paragraph and then answer a question, move onto the next paragraph on a new slide and complete the corresponding question. There are 14 short passages and 14 questions.

6.  Valentine’s Day Color by Number, Reading Passage and Text Marking

This Valentine’s Day Color by Number and Text Marking activity is the perfect way to bring life to the topic! Students read a non-fiction passage and search for answers while marking evidence from the text. Perfect reading comprehension activity. Students complete a “before reading” anticipation guide, read about Valentine’s Day, answer questions, mark the text for evidence, color the picture according to their answer, and complete the “after reading” anticipation guide. This is a great cross curriculum activity that also practices Language Arts skills and citing evidence.

7.  Valentine’s Day DIGITAL Reading Passage & Questions – Self Grading

Ensure comprehension with this SELF-GRADING Valentine’s Day DIGITAL Reading Passage and Questions for Google Classroom™. The non-fiction reading passage in digital format is delivered through Google Forms™ but a printable copy is inside as well!


 8.  Read a Valentine’s Day book

Reading a Valentine’s Day picture book to celebrate your love for reading.

A few of our favorite books for Valentine’s Day include:

The Invisible String

Not everyone has a “happy” Valentine’s Day. The Invisible String helps students coping with separation anxiety, loss, and grief. In this story, a mother explains to her two children that they’re all connected by an invisible string.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!

Follow an old lady on a wacky adventure with this hilarious book filled with rhyming text and funny illustrations that will appeal to young readers.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day in your classroom?

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