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With all the online digital businesses out there, standing out is no small feat. Especially when you’re diving into the bustling marketplace of Etsy. The best advice I could give is to start building your brand from day one. Building your brand for your Etsy digital business is about goals, being consistently you, and knowing brand basics. Let’s get started with your Etsy digital business.

How do you set your digital business goals?

Before you even think about design or messaging, ask yourself: What are my branding goals? Do you want to be recognized as the go-to Etsy shop for unique digital designs? Or perhaps you aim to be known for your exceptional customer service? Make sure to set clear goals to guide your branding efforts.

Of course, you’ll want to think big and long term when it comes to your digital business goals, but you also want to make sure your goals are realistic and timely. Set actionable goals with bite-size steps. This is how I built my escape room empire. I had big goals in mind, but, of course, I took steps along the way to make sure I hit my end goal of a million dollar brand.

Share your goals with the people that support you and your business. This not only makes you accountable, but it allows you to celebrate your success in reaching those digital business goals with the people you care about.

How do you stand out with your Etsy digital business brand?

With countless shops vying for attention, how can your Etsy digital business truly shine? It’s all about carving out a niche and presenting it in a way that resonates with your target audience. For example, I found escape rooms for teachers and parents helped me stand out like a unicorn. Don’t just look at what is selling if it’s not something you’re passionate about. You need that sweet spot of having what your audience wants and needs and having a brand you believe in.

Even if you think there are other people out there selling the same thing, trust me. The market is not saturated. Find your unique spin on whatever you create. Only you can do it your way!

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How do you create your own digital business fan club?

Every business needs a fan club. This is beyond loyalty. In the world of Etsy, this translates to repeat customers, glowing reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals. These are the people that share your website all over their social media because they love your stuff!  Build a community around your brand by engaging with your customers. 

Ask for feedback and create a memorable online experience. When your customers feel connected to your brand, they’ll become your biggest advocates.

One way to create a digital business fan club is to create a Facebook group. People love to share and ask questions online, and Facebook is still an engaging place to build your digital business brand! 

How do you maintain a consistent digital business brand?

Consistency is key in branding. From your Etsy shop layout to your social media posts, maintaining a consistent look and feel helps build trust and recognition. Ensure that every touchpoint, whether it’s an email newsletter or a product listing, reflects your brand’s essence. Of course, consistency begins with branding basics.

What branding basics do you need for your Etsy digital business?

Dive deeper into the core elements that make up a brand. These basics will lay the foundation for your Etsy digital business’s identity.

Logo Design

Your logo is often the first thing potential customers see. It should be memorable, scalable, and reflective of your brand’s essence. I decided to make my logo simple with the name of my business, Think Tank Teacher. The colors reflect my brand and personality!

There are a lot of tools to make logos online. Just make sure you are following copyright rules and not taking a ready-made logo from a site that doesn’t have commercial rights. It’s also OK to invest in a graphic designer for your site or logo.

Visual Identity

Next, your visual identity encompasses everything from product images to promotional materials. Ensure they’re cohesive and tell a consistent brand story. For example, all my escape rooms have the same look and feel but with different content. The colors and fonts are consistent as well.

Etsy customers will start to recognize your brand. Your unique, consistent style will give you and your Etsy digital business your own visual identity.


The fonts you choose can also say a lot about your brand. Whether it’s bold and modern or soft and elegant, make sure it aligns with your brand’s personality. I tend to shy away from script fonts because they are difficult to read. My escape rooms use san serif fonts and all capital letters for text.

Finally, check out some TpT stores or Etsy brands to see the way fonts fit together. Try not to use more than two fonts or styles in one product.


Colors evoke emotions. First, choose a color scheme that fits your brand’s message and appeals to your target audience. Of course, color theory and psychology are a lot of fun to explore. I use a lot of blues that evoke a trustworthy, calm emotion in my escape rooms and Etsy digital business.

Here are some color emotions that you may want to consider with your digital business brand:

  • Red: Passion, urgency, excitement
  • Blue: Trust, calmness, professionalism
  • Yellow: Happiness, optimism, warmth
  • Green: Growth, nature, relaxation
  • Purple: Creativity, luxury, mystery
  • Orange: Energy, enthusiasm, fun
  • Black: Elegance, sophistication, power
  • White: Purity, simplicity, cleanliness

Finally, I also think about accessibility with colors in my products. Putting bulk text in black helps most readers see it well. Text in yellow or light colors, for example, might be difficult to read. Finally, consider making the font size at least 10 point for readability.


Every brand has a story. Share yours. Whether it’s the inspiration behind your shop or the journey of creating a particular product, stories connect on a personal level. I love sharing my family story of how my husband, brother, and I created a million dollar Etsy digital business selling escape rooms. It not only makes me excited to share my own story; I get to help others find a useful product and even build their own brand.

One way to tell your story is on social media. Whether you are on TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, there is an audience waiting to hear all about your brand and its unique journey.

Ready to take your Etsy digital business brand to the next level? Dive into my escape rooms kids printable course and unlock even more secrets to digital business success on Etsy.


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