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Greek Mythology Books for Middle School

What better way to teach Greek Mythology than to integrate literature! There are so many spectacular books available for middle school readers interested in all things Greek Mythology. Think of all the cross-curricular connections that can be made with English and Social Studies for upper elementary and middle school students exploring God, Goddesses, Heroes, and Monsters. Check out some of these Greek Mythology books for middle school and upper elementary and the incredible extension activities to go with them!

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

by Rick Riordan

First, find a Greek Mythology book that students can relate to right away by connecting to popular literature! How many of your students are fans of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series? The Lightning Thief hooked readers from the first book, and now students have a guide to all the Greeks Gods and Goddesses told by Poseidon's son himself! Read all about Greek Mythology in Percy's voice. Extend learning by comparing and contrasting the stories in this volume with the stories from the full series.

Treasury of Greek Mythology: Classic Stories of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes & Monsters

by Donna Jo Napoli

Another favorite middle school Greek Mythology book is this classic treasury of Greek Myths. Stories of Greek Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Monsters are told in illustrated form in this gorgeously bound hardcover volume. Think of this treasury as a collection of biographies of Zeus, Hera, and all their descendants. Overall, this is the perfect complement to any Greek mythology study in your classroom. Use this volume as an inspiration for your artistic students own original visual interpretations of Gods and Goddesses.

Greek Mythology for Teens: Classic Myths in Today's World

by Zachary Hamby

Bring Greek mythology into your English or drama classroom with a Reader's Theater take on Greek Gods and Goddesses! Modern tales meet Greek myths in these plays that explore a hero's journey, stories of love and romance, and even foolishness. Use this resource to extend your current Greek mythology curriculum. Want to integrate writing into your Greek Mythology and drama study? Have your students write their own Greek Gods and Goddesses inspired plays.

D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths

by Ingri d'Aulaire & Edgar Parin d'Aulaire

Next, this text is so popular that many schools and districts use it as the book for their Greek Mythology instruction. More than 50 years old, this book has truly stood the test of time when it comes to sharing stories of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Monsters. Share this classic anthology of narratives with your students. Chances are their parents learned about Greek Mythology from the same text!

Goddess Power: A Kids' Book of Greek and Roman Mythology: 10 Empowering Tales of Legendary Women

by Yung In Chae

It's all about the ladies with this enjoyable book that recounts 10 tales of Greek goddesses. The book also contains a Greek pronunciation guide, symbols and strengths, and a creature encyclopedia! Your students will love to learn more about Gaia, Demeter, Aphrodite, and more!

The Greek Myths

by Robert Graves

Rick Riordan of Percy Jackson fame writes the introduction to this graphic novel full of Greek myths. Meant for ages 12 and up, this brilliantly illustrated text is one that even adults will want to add to their Greek mythology collection. You'll love how the authors and illustrators bring the stories of the Trojan horse and Odysseus journey to life!

Extension Activities for Greek Mythology

Reading about Greek mythology is so much fun, but you can help your students experience hands-on learning as an extension of their reading and curriculum studies with a Greek mythology escape room!

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a digital puzzle with codes and clues that lead students to unlock secrets and find answers! Since students must read to solve the puzzles, escape rooms are perfect to encourage reading comprehension. There are escape rooms available for so many units in your 4-8 social studies curriculum. Now, the escape rooms have gone digital! You and your students will need a Google account and Jigsaw Planet to access the digital resources.

Greek Mythology Digital Escape Room

In this Greek Mythology escape room, students go on a journey through two 360° VIEW rooms while finding clues and learning facts about Greek Mythology. They'll discover the secrets of Greek Gods and Goddesses such as Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, and Athena. The Digital Escape Room includes 4 sets of activities, each beginning with a reading and a quiz. To scaffold instruction, there is a read-to-me option for the texts.
  • Cryptogram
  • Maze
  • Cipher
  • Jigsaw
  • Since the escape room uses "secret codes" that must be deciphered before moving to the next activity, your students will be actively engaged throughout their escape room journey. Use this Greek Mythology escape room as an extension activity after reading Greek Mythology books for middle school or as an anticipatory set before you start your Greek Mythology unit! Which Greek Mythology books and activities will you share with your students?
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