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Reading is such an important skill to help your students progress and continue developing a love of learning and a sense of self. And while reading can be incredibly rewarding in a variety of ways, it can sometimes be difficult to get your students to take the plunge and make reading part of their regular schedule. If you can help your students incorporate reading into their routine, you can prepare them for their future education and give them a tool that they can use and enjoy their whole lives.

Read to Them First

If you have students that are struggling to read or to enjoy reading, sometimes all they need is to hear a few good books before they start developing their own reading habits. Listening to books can be as beneficial as reading them physically and it can help your students learn about all the cool things books can offer. Taking time to read to your class can let everyone get a chance to experience the joy of a great book. Allow your students to help choose the books you read as a class so that you can find a variety of books that your students enjoy.

Set Class Time for Reading

Students are people and they have busy lives at home. If they don’t have the time to start their positive reading habit at home, it can help if they are able to get it started in the classroom. Even just setting aside ten minutes every day for reading in class can give your students the chance to develop a reading habit. Make reading time a regular part of the school day so every student has a good chance of learning to love to read.

Offer Extra Credit

Some students may just need a little extra inspiration to make reading a part of their schedule. Having extra credit reading opportunities can be the push some students need to read a little bit more. This option is great because reading will help your students academically, and it is a pretty easy way for them to get the boost that their grade needs. Think about the best ways to incentivize reading in your classroom with the help of extra credit.

Create a Space for Reading

Having a comfortable area in your classroom where students can read can help make reading a little more fun. For starters you want to have comfortable furniture for your students to use. If you can put it by the window, it will be even more inviting for your students. Wood furniture gets damaged in the sun, so you should apply a protective coating to your chairs. Work on creating a space that makes students comfortable and gives them an excuse to spend a little bit of time reading and enjoying the beauty of the worlds they explore through the books they read.

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Help Them Find Books They’ll Love

Most students who don’t like to read simply haven’t found the kinds of books that they enjoy. If you can help your students to find the books they love, you can help them to develop a lifelong love of reading and learning. Some children will prefer adventures or fantasy stories while others may prefer realistic fiction or even nonfiction books. Whatever your students like to read will be a great thing for them once they find it.

Be Flexible in What They Read

With the previous step in mind, it’s important to give your students a little bit of freedom in what they choose to read, especially if they are struggling. Graphic novels can be a great tool to help students love to read and they can be really effective with reluctant readers. In addition, allowing students to listen to books and read them at the same time can make it easier for them to incorporate reading into their life. 

Show Them Your Own Love of Reading

Students can also benefit from a strong example of reading from an adult they respect. If you show your students how much you love to read, it can help them to get curious about what books have to offer. If you haven’t been reading yourself, learn to love it again. Make it a point to highlight the good books you are reading and if you can, take time to read when your students read in class. This positive example will make reading more appealing to your students and create an environment that supports the idea of reading being a fun thing to do, even when you don’t have to.

If you can teach your students to read more, you can help them in so many ways. With a love of reading, they will be able to learn and connect better with their peers and others as they grow up. As a teacher one of the best things you can do is help your students to love to read.

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Grab a Free
Growth Mindset
Escape Room for grades 4-8
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Grab a Free Growth Mindset Escape Room for grades 4-8.

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Grab a Free
Growth Mindset
Escape Room for grades 4-8
and other freebies too!