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When browsing through Etsy, presentation plays a huge role in driving customer interest and sales. Of course, Etsy is all about the visual, so high-quality images and videos not only highlight the essence of your product but also build trust and entice the audience to click and explore further. I’ve used mockups and videos to help convert my Etsy escape room listings, and you can too! Here are some tips on how to use mockups and videos to optimize your Etsy listings. This is your first impression, so make it count!

How do you use video to optimize your Etsy listings?

Using video in your Etsy shop listings helps your customers not only see your printables in use but also highlight the visual appeal of your digital products. I’ve studied a lot of Etsy shops (including my own), and the proof is there. Video converts. In fact, research finds that 96% of consumers think that video is helpful when making an online purchase. Overall, this leads to purchases, especially when it comes to instructional or demonstration videos. 

Taking an Etsy video course to help create videos and Etsy listings that standout was a game changer for me. I learned these tips and more in the video course to help me convert and create a million dollar business from escape rooms.

Overall, here are some simple ways to use video to create Etsy listings that convert.

Make Simple Animations

First, animations can give a dynamic feel to your products. For digital items, showcase a short animated preview or highlight its unique features. Of course, easy-to-use platforms like Canva make animations a breeze for your Etsy printable listings. 

Create Magazine Flipping Videos

Another video technique is magazine flipping videos. A video that simulates the flipping of pages of your printable products can give potential buyers a sneak peek into the content, enticing them to make a purchase. Showcase how your printable looks when framed, pinned, or even in a scrapbook, giving buyers ideas on how they can utilize it.

Create a Business Marketing Video

Also, sharing your story is so important in Etsy shop videos. Introduce your brand, its story, and the why behind your products. Let your customers meet the artist behind the creation. In the end, customers that know you and your story come back for more. 

Make Instructional Videos

Next, videos that guide users on how to use or set up your product can alleviate doubts and encourage purchases. This is also so helpful for teachers and parents wanting to implement printables in the classroom or homeschool quickly.

Film Overheard Demos With Your Phone

Another video tip is to showcase your product in action. Have kids use your products, and show their hands in the videos.

Edit Your Videos

Editing your videos is also very important in optimizing Etsy listings. Of course, clean, crisp, and concise videos are more likely to retain viewer interest. Overall, editing helps in removing unnecessary parts, ensuring clarity, and maintaining focus.

Add Music to Your Videos

Next, background music can set the mood and make your video more engaging. Ensure the music is not distracting and aligns with your brand’s feel. Use stock music to make sure you are obeying copyright.

Learn Where to Upload Videos

Of course, Etsy allows video uploads directly in listings. Learn the specifics of uploading to ensure the best quality and viewer experience.

Create a YouTube Channel

Beyond Etsy, leverage YouTube to showcase your products, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. It’s a great way to direct traffic to your Etsy shop. In addition, the Etsy video course  also teaches you how to set up your YouTube channel. 

Finally, learn more about using videos for your Etsy listings with this Etsy video creation course you can complete in just a weekend! The course instructor used these methods to create 10,000 digital products (that sell!) in her Etsy shop. 

How do you use mockups to optimize your Etsy listings?

To really get eyes on your printables, try Etsy mockups! A mockup is a made, ready-to-use template where you can simply add your own digital products images. There are so many ready-to-use mockups that you can customize in Canva to optimize your Etsy shop listings. The best part? It takes no time at all!

The 10 Minute Mockup Process

I use this 10 minute mockup process to make mockups for my escape rooms! These mockups provide me with an excellent foundation making my next cover creation or product line thumbnails as easy as adding a few images. Once you create a “template” for your product line, it gets even quicker. Here’s how you get started with using mockups for your Etsy listings. Four simple steps make it easy to optimize your Etsy listings. 

Pick your listing thumbnail

Every listing you create needs a clickable main listing image, also known as the listing thumbnail. Create a closeup of your product that makes it shine.

Pick your supporting listing images

Take your customer through a visual journey of why they need to buy your product. Provide them with size, product best use, and printing instructions. Give the reasons why your product is the solution to their problem.

Finish up

Next, put your final listing images into your mockup set.

First, provide a lifestyle listing image of your product in use. Next, include instructions for purchase on another listing image. You can also provide reviews of your product in your final listing images as well. Finally, wrap up your listing images with a shop thank you message or social media information.

Here are some ready-to-use mockups that come with the 10 minute mockup course!

  • US Letter Document Mockups
  • Paper Planner Mockups
  • Digital Planner Mockups
  • Instagram Post Mockups
  • Instagram Story Mockups
  • Instagram Highlight Covers Mockups
  • Computer Mockups (can be used for spreadsheet, Notion, OneNote products)
  • E-Book Mockup
  • Product Mockups for Smartphone Products (such as evites)
  • Additional paper assets in size A4 & A5 included
  • BONUS: scene mockups to help you get started

Not only will the 10 minute mockup course give you Etsy mockups, it will also help share those products on social media. It’s easy, affordable, and changed my Etsy escape room listings for the better. 

Finish Up

Finally, download your listing images and upload them to your Etsy shop. It’s that easy! 

Etsy Videos and Mockups

Overall, Etsy videos and mockups are powerful tools when it comes to selling printables and digital products. They not only give your potential buyers a vivid understanding of your printable but also enhance the overall aesthetic of your listing. In a platform like Etsy, you want to make a great first impression with your visuals. A well-presented product with clear, engaging images and videos can also be the difference between a passing glance and a click that leads to a sale. So, invest time in creating mockups and videos that resonate with your brand and captivate your audience. See how to get your customers to stop the scroll on Etsy and create listings that convert

**This post contains affiliate links which means I make a small commission should you choose to make a purchase**


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