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First impressions are everything, right? This is especially true when you’re welcoming new email subscribers to your list. You need to make a great first impression so they want to stick around. 

So how do you write a great welcome email? 

Say “Thank you!” 

This person has taken an important step – they’ve trusted you with their email address. Whether they signed up to get a freebie or to follow your blog, your new subscriber has given you a vote of confidence. So thank them for it! You don’t have to gush, but be sure to express your appreciation. 

Personalize your messages. 

No, I don’t mean writing a brand new email for every subscriber. Set up your system to address your emails with the subscriber’s first name. If you can include the name in the subject line, even better! Beyond that, your email should sound like you’re writing to a friend. No need for stuffy, formal language. Write like you speak – it’s more attractive and relatable! 

Keep your promise.Welcome Email Blog picture 

Whatever you offered to entice someone to sign up – deliver it right away! If you take too long, or worse, add lots of extra steps for someone to download the freebie you promised, you’ll lose their trust. Deliver value, quickly. 

Tell them what to expect. 

Will they be getting a weekly newsletter? Do you send out monthly sales to your list? Do you offer a regular series of tips and hacks they’ll find useful? Tell them why they should stick around (what’s in it for them), and how often you’ll be appearing in their inbox. If you’re not sure, you need to work on a plan for consistency with your email marketing.

Introduce yourself, but let your personality shine! 

Hook your new subscribers with a funny anecdote, a struggle you overcame, or your WHY behind your business. Don’t bore them with a list of credentials and accomplishments – your goal here is to be relatable and make a connection. 

Add links to your social channel. 

You don’t want this welcome email to get too long, but do provide an easy way for people to follow you on social media. Simple icons or a short sentence inviting them to follow you will do the trick. 

Ask them to add you to their contacts. 

Before signing off, this last step will help you stay out of the dreaded spam folder. Include simple steps (visuals work great!) to make sure your emails stay at the top of the inbox. Email service providers get more sophisticated at weeding out promotional emails every day, so this has become very important. When a subscriber “whitelists” your email address, they signal their email provider that they really want to get your emails. 

End with a teaser. 

Leave your reader wanting more by teasing a special offer, the punchline to a funny anecdote, or some sort of hook to be revealed in the next email. 

Don’t hide your unsubscribe option. 

The truth is, no matter how great your welcome email is, some people will choose to unsubscribe right away. That’s just part of the deal with email marketing, so don’t take it personally. Who knows, maybe the incentive you offered is so amazing, they’ll come back later?! Either way, be sure your unsubscribe option is easy to find – not including one is actually against the law. Most email services add this automatically, but be sure to double check. 

Checklist for a Great Welcome Email – At a Glance

 -Personalize with the subscriber’s first name. 

 -Say thank you. 

 -Deliver what you promised right away. 

 -Write an eye-catching subject line

 -Set expectations – how often and what value you’ll provide. 

 -Show off your personality. 

 -Invite them to follow you on social networks. 

 -Ask them to “whitelist” your email address. 

 -Keep them wanting more!

 -Provide a clear way to unsubscribe.

 Do you have a welcome email you’re proud of, or do you have some work to do? It might take a few drafts to get it just write, but great welcome emails definitely pay off!


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