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Human Body Systems and Your Classroom

When it comes to human body systems, many of us need help with how to teach this subject well. There typically isn’t a lot of time allocated to studies of human body systems around all the core subjects like math, science, reading, and writing. That doesn’t mean it isn’t essential, though! 

Your students should have a basic knowledge of human body systems including the skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive, and immune systems. Let’s not forget about the human heart, brain, genetics, and DNA, though! Are you overwhelmed yet? I hope not too overwhelmed to stop reading. We’re going to get through this together! 

Human Body Systems

There are so many intricate parts of the human body that work together in perfect synchronization to allow us to live. A few of those human body systems are some that we have heard of and understand, and chances are, most of our students have listened to a little bit about them. Some of those, however, are a bit over my head as an educator and not as a specifically trained scientist. 

Skeletal, Muscular, and Nervous Human Body Systems

Three of the largest human body systems are the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems. 


The skeletal system is all about bones. Fun fact, babies are born with 270 bones, but as humans age, some bones fuse together. Most adults have between 206 and 213 bones in their bodies. Learn all about the skeletal human body system and teach your students a thing or two as well. 


The Skeletal System Color by Number is a great place to start! Don’t stop there, though! The Skeletal System CSI Mystery Close Reading resource allows your students to have the fun of solving a mystery while learning more about skeletal systems. If you’re looking for more ways for your students to learn and apply the knowledge they learn about skeletal human body systems, an escape room is always fun. Try the Skeletal Systems Reading Escape and the Skeletal Systems Digital Escape in your classroom! 

human body systems, lung and heart


The muscular human body system is all about your muscles and how they help you move, hold things, and just about anything else your body can do. Muscles are important!

The Muscular System Color by Number allows your students to first learn, then test their knowledge of the muscular human body system. In addition to this great resource, you can find comprehension readings, breakouts, reading and digital escape rooms, and an interactive presentation all available in easy-to-use resources perfect for your classroom! 


Simply click here or follow this link for many resources all about the muscular human body system


The nervous system is the system that is responsible for the things you can feel through touch or through electrical impulses through our bodies. When we touch a soft rabbit or get bit by a parakeet, nerves run through our bodies to our brains to decode what we’re feeling. They let us know if it’s safe to keep petting that rabbit or quickly move your finger away from that parakeet.

Through readings and learning activities found in my Nervous Human Body Systems Resources, your students will get to understand exactly what the nervous system does.

Respiratory, Digestive, and Immune Human Body Systems

When it comes to your health, the respiratory, digestive, and immune human body systems are essential systems to know about!


The respiratory system has to do with breathing. Oxygen is essential to human life, so the respiratory system is also pretty important. I have an extensive collection of Respiratory Human Body Systems Resources available to you. From color-by-numbers to comprehensive readers to escape rooms, you will find something to fit your classroom here

Another way that would be fun to learn about the respiratory human body system is by experimentation. Check out these fun videos you can show your students and maybe even try out in the experiments featured in your classroom! 

Make a Lung Model

Model a Sick Lung

Cellular Respiration


When you think of the digestive system, you think about the food you put into your body. We know how it comes out, too, but what happens inside is an invisible process we don’t always know a lot about. Follow this link to find all my resources available to you about Digestive Human Body Systems. You’ll find fun escape rooms, coloring worksheets, and comprehensive readers. 


While your whole class is seeming to sniffle and cough with the latest bug going around school is the perfect time to introduce the immune system. The immune human body system helps to keep our bodies healthy. Over time, our bodies build up a defense system for dealing with germs that come into contact with our bodies. Our immune system really is an amazing thing. Find some great Resources for Immune Human Body Systems that I have designed specifically for teachers like you by following this link!

Heart, Brain, and Genetics and DNA Human Body Systems

These three human body systems of the heart, brain, and genetics and DNA are also important to the function of the human body. Without any one of these systems, our bodies could not function. 


Explore the resources I have created for you and your classroom with the Heart Human Body Systems Resources! You will find an array of materials, resources, and activities that will help your students learn more and more about the human heart! 

There are lots of great videos available for you to incorporate into your lessons about the heart human body system, as well! 

Model Blood Flow

Saving a Life: Heart Valve Replacement


The brain is the command center of the brain. Our brain controls every function of our bodies from the tiniest muscle twitch to the comprehension of complex mathematical equations. (Some of our brains function better and worse than others. Please don’t test mine by giving me calculus questions!) 

For any resource you could imagine based on the Brain Human Body System, please peruse my collection. From text marking to comprehensive readers, your students will enjoy learning more about how the human brain works. 

Genetics & DNA

Genetics and DNA are the human body systems that identify the roles our family makeup plays in our health and bodies. These systems are determined by our parents and the generations before them. For more information, check out the Genetics and DNA Human Body Systems Resources I’ve designed specifically for your classroom to learn more! 

Human Body Systems are Important

No matter how much time you have in your schedule, human body systems are an important subject to teach. I know science isn’t always the forte of every teacher, so if you’re struggling or looking for something new, please use the many resources I have designed to make your life as a teacher easier! 

Once you’re done looking into all the resources, follow this link to to find some great experiments and hands-on activities for you and your classroom to learn even more together!

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