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Online American History Games Your Students Will Love

During distance learning, it's important to keep your online learners engaged. Of course, you do the same for your students in your in-person classroom! It can be hard to bring in fun digital activities that are also team-building and engaging. However, there are so many online American History games your students will love to play. As an added bonus, students learn content while having fun! Check out these online American History games perfect for upper elementary and middle school learners!

Escape Rooms

Escape room games are great online American History games that promote critical thinking and problem solving. History is easily incorporated into escape room games so that your students are learning but having so much fun that they don’t even notice they are working hard! First, your students will need to work together as a team to decipher the clues about American history. You can easily share the escape rooms via Google Classroom or on Zoom. Students just need their own Gmail accounts and access to Jigsaw Planet, a free site. The team will be presented with reading passages and questions to answer based on the information within the escape room games. The goal is to answer the questions correctly as the students work their way through the google slides presentation together. Students solve cyphers, puzzles, and mazes to solve the escape room. Students will unlock clues along the way to answer questions to escape the room. Here are some digital American History escape room games I love to share with students!
  • Susan B. Anthony Escape Room
  • Paul Revere Escape Room
  • Legislative Branch Escape Room
  • Executive Branch Escape Room
  • Judicial Branch Escape Room
  • Principles of the Constitution Escape Room
  • There are many ideas for American history escape room games for you and your students to learn and enjoy. For a more detailed description of how to go through these escape room games, check out how to use escape rooms as team building activities!

    A Book in Time

    Another place you can look for online American history games is A Book in Time’s website. From their page, you can select a date range you would like to learn about and explore so that your students can learn about different times in American history or explore other topics available. Topics include: US Presidents, African American History, and States and Capitals. There are games divided by centuries so that you can explore online American history games devoted to the particular time frame you and your students are studying at that time.

    Mission US

    Mission US also has some engaging online American History games for your students to investigate. Through their interactive studies of history, students take part in what life was like at a certain point in American history as they are given choices to decide how they would have acted in famous historical situations. For instance, your students decide whether they would have been loyal to the crown during the Revolutionary War or if they would have joined the rebellion. Mission US is an example of online American history games that put your students right in the center of history and they will be so engrossed that they will not even realize they’re learning.


    Although Kahoot! is not exclusive to American History online games, it's so much fun to use in the content area. Simply log on Kahoot! and search for American History related games created by users (teachers, Kahoot! admin, or students), and share the link and code for your students to play virtually. You can also create your own Kahoot! quizzes. Students compete via their own devices, and you can even get end of game reports to use the online American History games for assessment purposes. Watch your students engage and compete via Kahoot! While there are lots of options for online American history games, from American history escape room games, team building escape room games, and other online history games, what they all have in common is that your students can’t help but learn something. Students are so caught up in playing the games and looking for clues that they forget the point of the activity is to actually learn something. Escape room games are all the rage right now. You need to find one that fits in with your lessons so that your students can have some fun learning in a different way. I know that the team building, cooperative American history escape room games are the next activity I will be making room for in my lesson plans! How will you use online American History games in your classroom?
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