French and Indian War Task Cards Review Game

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French and Indian War Task Cards Review Game perfect for grades 4-8!

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French and Indian War Task Cards Review Game

Cure student boredom with the French and Indian War Task Cards Review Game and allow students to move around the room! The printable task cards include 24 questions related to the French and Indian War.


Topics include: French and Indian War, George Washington, William Pitt, Fort Necessity and Fort Duquesne


Students race to see who can get the final 4-digit answer! Each student will roam around the room looking for task cards. You can hang the task cards on the wall, throw them on the floor, place them on desks or pass them amongst students. Each question’s answer will be checked in a box on the recording sheet. In the end, students add up all of their A,B,C,D answers to get a winning 4-digit number. This activity can be used as task cards for partner activities, SCOOT activities, scavenger hunts, anticipatory sets, unit review, sub plans, stations, or independent work. How you choose to set it up in your classroom is up to you. There are so many possibilities that allow students to be out of their seats, moving around the room and learning!


What’s Included?

✔️ Multiple Choice Questions

✔️ Teacher Directions

✔️ Student Directions

✔️ Student Recording Sheet

✔️ Teacher Answer Key

✔️ Word Search for Early Finishers

✔️ Ideas for 10 ways you can use task cards in your classroom


Early finishers? No worries, there’s a word search included to keep them occupied while the other students finish up their task cards.


All questions found in this product are aligned with the French and Indian War ESCAPE ROOM! Of course, you do not need to purchase the resource to use the task cards, however, it would be helpful to know that all of the answers can be found in the reading passages of the escape room. This way you ensure the students had access to the information.


Please note: The questions used in this product are the same questions used in the digital review game and Boom™ cards.


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