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Understanding the Seasonal Trends Specific to Your Etsy Niche: Planning Your Next Printable


For sellers in the world of printables, understanding the seasonal trends can drastically increase your printable sales. Even if you’re in the education niche, like me, there are so many seasonal trends specific to your Etsy niche. I follow them for my escape rooms, and you can use these seasonal Etsy trends for planning your next printable to sell on Etsy. 

Why do seasonal trends matter for Etsy sellers?

To sell on Etsy, it’s important for you to understand seasonal trends. Every month has its own unique flavor, and recognizing this can give you an edge in the competitive Etsy marketplace. From the spirit of new beginnings in January, with job hunting and New Year’s resolutions, to the love and warmth of February’s Valentine’s Day, and even the competitive thrill of pro football.

The rich greens and parades of March herald St. Patrick’s Day and college basketball, making way for April’s spring cleaning and the joy of Easter. May celebrates the achievements of college graduates and shows love for mothers. June, on the other hand, is synonymous with the sun and the magic of weddings.

Of course, July brings out the fireworks with the 4th of July celebrations. As summer winds down, August signals the start of another school year – a major season for teachers and educational printables like escape rooms. Then, as the leaves change, September immerses us in the embrace of fall. This leads to October’s spooks and scares with Halloween, and soon after, we’re swept up in the gratitude of November’s Thanksgiving. And who can forget the festivities and joy that December brings with Christmas and Hanukkah?

As an Etsy seller, recognizing these trends and curating printables that align with them can be a game-changer. When it comes to Etsy printables for kids, paying attention to seasonal trends helps plan your next printable for teachers and parents to find easily in your Etsy store at anytime of year. 

How do you use Pinterest for Etsy trend insights?

Pinterest is a visual platform where users ‘pin’ images, ideas, and products that they love. It’s a goldmine for Etsy sellers to discover trending topics and interests. By searching for keywords related to upcoming months or holidays, you can gauge the popular themes and tailor your printables accordingly. Even just looking at the trending searches on Pinterest can help you plan your next Etsy printable!

Check out my Pinterest board to help you sell on Etsy!

What tools help to discover top selling Etsy seasonal trends?

Using tools specifically designed for Etsy keyword research can give you a significant advantage to sell on Etsy. Here’s a look at a few essential tools to consider:


Perfect for beginners, Everbee provides comprehensive metrics including keyword search volume, competition data, and pricing trends.

Insight Factory:

Another tool more suitable for more experienced sellers is Insight Factory. This tool offers advanced analytics capabilities. It uses AI to predict Etsy trends, helping sellers stay ahead of the curve.


Next, Erank is a balanced tool for both novices and experts. It offers basic and advanced keyword research functionalities.

Understanding and implementing SEO keywords effectively is pivotal. Incorporating them into product titles, descriptions, tags, images, and even image descriptions can significantly enhance product visibility. Remember, while it’s essential to use relevant keywords, avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ which can deter potential customers and might have a negative effect on the Etsy algorithm.

Read more about Everbee, Insight Factory, and Erank.

How do you use Alura for Etsy trend insights?

Next, Alura is another potent tool tailored specifically for Etsy sellers. It offers a suite of features designed to optimize product listings, track performance, and research competition.

Keyword Research:

You can find trending keywords related to specific seasons or events (like “Halloween decorations” or “Christmas gifts”) and optimize your Etsy product listings accordingly.

Trend Analysis:

Next, by analyzing historical data and current market trends, you can get an idea of which items are becoming popular during specific seasons.

Competitor Analysis:

It’s crucial for Etsy sellers to understand what their competitors are doing. If a particular product or category is gaining traction during a season, you can take inspiration and strategize accordingly.

Pricing Insights:

Based on the demand during different seasons, tools can suggest optimal pricing strategies to maximize profits.

Product Ideas:

By identifying gaps in the market or seeing what products are underserved during certain seasons, you can also introduce new products that cater to the seasonal demand.

Optimize Listings:

Based on seasonal keyword trends, you can optimize their product titles, descriptions, and tags to rank better during seasonal searches.

Alura is a fantastic tool to help plan your next printable based on Etsy seasonal trends.

What tools does Etsy provide to help understand Etsy seasonal trends?

Of course, Etsy has some native tools and sections to help sellers find trends and make the most of their niche. Here are some tools I use to help plan escape rooms.

Trending Now

First, Etsy’s “Trending Now” section is a real-time showcase of what’s hot on the platform. It offers a direct window into the current interests and buying behavior of millions of users. This section highlights items and themes that are seeing a sudden surge in popularity, either because of external events, changing seasons, or emerging pop culture phenomena.

For printable sellers, regularly checking this section can be beneficial in several ways:

Instant Feedback:

If you’ve recently added a new product, and it aligns with what’s trending, you have a validation that you’re on the right track.

Inspiration for New Products:

By understanding what’s currently in demand, you can ideate and design new printables that cater to this demand.

Marketing Opportunities:

Sellers can adjust their marketing strategies, be it on social media or email campaigns, to align with what’s trending, making your outreach more relevant.

Marketplace Insights

Next, the “Marketplace Insights” section on Etsy is a valuable resource that provides in-depth analytics about the platform’s overall performance, user behavior, and product trends. Etsy offers detailed reports, infographics, and articles that shed light on broader market trends, seasonal shifts, and even buying behaviors tied to specific regions or demographics.

Here’s why it matters for Etsy sellers:

Strategic Planning:

Armed with data about when users shop the most, your average spending, or which product categories are booming, Etsy sellers can strategize their product launches and marketing campaigns.

Seasonal Predictions:

Beyond the obvious holiday seasons, Marketplace Insights can reveal less-known seasonal trends, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

Competitive Analysis:

By understanding which product categories or niches are oversaturated and which ones have unmet demands, you can find gaps in the printable market to fill.

Overall, there are so many tools and tips to help you understand Etsy seasonal trends. Using these sites and Etsy resources help plan your next printable and sell on Etsy! The best way to learn how to maximize seasonal trends is to learn how to sell printables for kids with a step-by-step course. Finally, get on the escape rooms waitlist today, and start planning your Etsy printable niche! 


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