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What are the best Etsy keyword research tools?


I’m sure you’ve seen the videos telling you how easy it is to make money selling kids printables. Passive income after making cool products is the dream, right? Honestly, it’s not going to happen overnight, but if you listen to (read) these tips for starting your own printable business, you can find your way to making 7-figures just like I did. It takes time, patience, and Etsy keyword research tools! Yes, Etsy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) research is the bread and butter of your Etsy Kids Printable business.

What are the best Etsy keyword research tools?

There are dozens of Etsy keyword research tools to use to get your products seen. These are a few of my favorites!


Everbee is noted for its user-friendly interface and its functionality. It gives Etsy sellers comprehensive metrics such as keyword search volume, competition data, and pricing trends. That way sellers can make informed decisions based on Etsy SEO research. If you’re just starting out, Everbee is easy to understand and use! I love that you can connect your Etsy store to analyze listings as well.

When you use the keyword search in Everbee, you’ll get three numbers: volume, competition, and keyword score.

  • Volume is the estimated number of searches on Etsy each month for the keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Competition is the number of listings for the keyword on Etsy.
  • Keyword score is the ratio of estimated search volume vs. the number of competing listings. A high score means it’s easier to rank in Etsy (i.e. high demand, low competition). A low score  means it’s harder to rank in the Etsy algorithm (i.e low demand, high competition).

Here are some examples of Etsy keyword research in Everbee:

These are lower keyword scores because of the low volume and competition.

Printable party games have a higher keyword score because of the search volume, but the competition is relatively high.

Although there is not a lot of volume for easy escape rooms, there is low competition, and the keyword score is high. Since this is a newer topic, it could be a trending Etsy product. (I highly recommend creating escape rooms!)

Insight Factory

If you’ve been in the Etsy game a little bit longer, Insight Factory might be a good choice for you! It offers more advanced analytics capabilities when it comes to Etsy SEO. Also, it utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to predict Etsy trends and get ahead of your competition. However, its complexity might be overwhelming if you’re an Etsy SEO beginner.

One thing I love about Insight Factory is that it shows you trending competitive products and their tags. You can copy tags, generate titles and descriptions, and find low competition keywords with a few short clicks.

Insight Factory also lets you track competitors’ shops and easily follow Etsy keyword trends. Printable escape rooms are definitely trending right now, but you want to make sure your products are unique and use other keyword phrases in the description (especially in the first few sentences) to make them stand out!


ERank, a well-known tool in the Etsy seller community, offers a balance between complexity and user-friendliness. It provides both basic and advanced keyword research functionalities, including search volume data, competition data, and the ability to track rankings over time. It also provides features like spelling error analysis, which can help sellers capitalize on common misspellings to attract more traffic to their listings.

Erank offers many integrated Etsy research tools for free for the first several uses. I also love how it gives a word cloud visual of the most popular tags with the Etsy keyword tool search. 

How do SEO keywords work?

Before you decide which Etsy keyword research tool to use, let’s talk about how SEO works. Etsy SEO works a lot like SEO on search engines like Google. When an Etsy shopper types a phrase into the search bar, the Etsy algorithm matches that Etsy keyword phrase with related products. For example, if your buyer is looking for escape rooms, you want to have keywords in your description like “escape room” or “easy escape rooms”. Of course, keywords are the terms that you’ll use in your product titles, descriptions, and tags to help the algorithm identify their listings.

What are long tail Etsy keywords?

When choosing keywords, think about what your potential customers might search for when looking for their product. The goal is to match the searcher’s intent as closely as possible. This includes considering common or popular search terms (like “escape rooms”), as well as more specific “long tail” keywords that might be relevant. Examples of long tail keywords might be “easy science escape rooms” or “escape rooms for social studies”.


Where do you use SEO keywords in Your Etsy Listings?

You can use keywords in various parts of their listing to optimize visibility. Don’t miss these essential places to use Etsy keywords in your listings.


Of course, the title is often the first thing your buyer sees. You’ll want to include the most important keywords towards the beginning of the title as they’ll have the most impact and come up in Google searches. Read your title aloud to make sure it sounds natural while still using keywords.

Product Description

Next, your product description is where you can provide more details about your printable. Use keywords here to build upon the keywords in the title. I like to expand on those keywords by including synonyms or related terms. Make sure it reads like a description of the item, not just a list of “stuffed” keywords.


Etsy allows you to add tags to your listing. Simply put, these are more places to use those keywords! Include variations, synonyms, and long tail Etsy keywords that might not have fit into the title or description. Think about different ways customers might describe or search for your product. Sometimes I ask my friends or other teachers what they would type to search for specific types of escape rooms. 

Images and Image Descriptions

Even your images can play a role in SEO on Etsy. Use descriptive file names that include relevant keywords to help with overall visibility. Also, adding alt text with relevant keywords ensures that your products can be found by visually impaired users utilizing screen readers. This isn’t just good Etsy SEO practice; it makes your listings compliant with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Avoiding Etsy Keyword Stuffing

It’s worth reiterating that while including relevant keywords is essential, overloading your listing with keywords (known as keyword stuffing) can have a negative effect. It looks sloppy and Etsy’s algorithm doesn’t like it either. Don’t do it!

No matter what Etsy keyword research tools you decide to use, it’s important to know how Etsy SEO works to make your printables seen. You can dive into all the tutorial videos on YouTube for yourself, or save some time and start making money as soon as possible! Learn how to create printable escape rooms to sell online. Join the waitlist and get ready to learn everything you need (and get all the templates and tools) to start your business. 

 *This post may contain Amazon affiliate links and other affiliate programs. By making a purchase using the links provided, I will receive a small commission on your purchase. This commission does NOT affect the price of your items.


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