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Email Marketing for TPT Sellers

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all ways to reach an audience when it comes to sharing your TpT products. But, have you thought about email? Email can be really overwhelming when you’re first building your list. I get it! However, you can become an email marketing pro with these secrets to email marketing for TpT sellers!

Find an Email Service Provider

When it comes to email service providers, free can be a good place to start, but you may want the functionality and the ability to grow your email list quickly. Two popular email service providers are MailChimp and ConvertKit. I recommend MailChimp, especially when you’re just starting out. It’s an affordable plan to grow with and get a lot of features and tools that you need to turn your readers into customers.

Questions to Ask When Choosing an Email Service Provider

In the Email Marketing for TpT sellers course, you’ll receive an email service providers comparison checklist to help you decide which ESP is best for you. Here are some questions you’ll want to ask when making your comparison:
  • Does it offer split A/B testing?
  • Can you schedule campaigns ahead of time?
  • Can you segment your list?
  • Does it allow for personalization with merge tags?
  • Can you end triggered emails?
  • Does it have automation?
  • Can you create an opt-in form?
  • Can you send test emails?
  • What is the price?
  • How many contacts can I have?

  • These are just some of the questions that are included on the comparison checklist. If you’re thinking that some of these terms are unfamiliar (what are merge tags?!), don’t worry! The Email Marketing for TpT sellers course covers everything you need to know from landing pages to double opt-ins and more!

    Tell Your Story

    The key to writing compelling email marketing sequences is not focusing too much on the sale but the story. Sure, you’ll be driving your readers to your TpT store, but what guides your readers to buy is your story. Relationships are the key to building your brand. You want to start your welcome emails with a story. The first time a reader hits your list, you’ll introduce yourself. This is who you are and whom you’ve become as a result of your TpT business.
    Keep your story short, and ask for your readers to reach out and share their own stories. That reply not only builds a relationship, it also keeps you out of those potential spam filters and in your reader’s inbox. You’ll learn more about how to craft your own story (and see examples) in Email Marketing for TpT sellers course course.

    Get Social Proof

    Your personal story is a great start to hook your readers, but let your loyal customers tell the story of your products! Go to your TpT stores or your Facebook page and find your favorite reviews. These should be testimonials where the customers point out specific reasons they like a product or bundle. They may even mention ways they have used the product in their classroom or business.

    Use a Compelling Subject Line

    One of the most important phrases in your email comes before your reader even clicks it to open. Your subject line has to help your reader want to learn more. Your welcome emails shouldn’t entice your reader to “buy now”. Put a snippet of your email in your subject line. This will make your readers want to read! Ask a question in your email subject line that your readers will be dying to answer! If it’s a yes or no question, make them say yes right away. You want to turn your readers into buyers, and buyers say “YES”! The Email Marketing for TpT sellers course gives you the complete anatomy of an email from subject lines, common copy phrases, fill in the blank templates to closings. You’ll also get 50 subject line ideas to swipe for your own!

    Be Consistent

    Sporadic emails don’t have high open rates. In fact, when you end up in your reader’s inbox at random times, they are more likely to unsubscribe than engage or click through. Set up a consistent design and header with templates from Email Marketing for TpT sellers course.

    End with A Call to Action

    Each email should ask your reader to do something. This is not necessarily asking them for a sale. For example, in your welcome sequence discussed in Email Marketing for TpT sellers course, you may ask your reader to respond to a question.
  • “What are your goals for your TpT store in 2020? Reply to this email, and let me know!”
  • ”What questions do you have about starting your email list? Reply to this email, and let me know!”
  • ”What is your educational philosophy? Feel free to share by replying to this email!”
  • Just as when you share your story, asking your readers to engage with you and reply to your emails keeps you in their inbox. Developing a connection outside just a customer-seller relationship builds trust with your reader. The best way to become an email marketing pro is to get started today! These simple tips will allow you to start to reach your readers, build relationships, and take your TpT business to the next level. Email Marketing for TpT sellers course will help you go from start to finish with your email list including integrating tools with TpT and other social media platforms. Try these 6 ways to become an email marketing pro today!


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