5 Reasons TPT Sellers Must Build An Email List

If you're a TPT seller and you don't have an email list...

Still not 100% sold on why you should be building your email list…like right now? I figured you’d need a little more evidence. So, I thought I’d share my top 5 reasons why TPT Sellers need a thriving email list TODAY.

1._Build a growing list of fans who love your products


As you write to your customers, sharing your life, your passions, and your experience, they build trust and rapport with you. More than loving your products, if they can connect with you personally, they’ll tell their teacher friends to join! 👉That means more subscribers with less work. Your fans would be doing the heavy lifting for you

2. Place your best resources right in front of the people who need them


Email marketing analytics give you insights on what your readers are most interested in. As you get to know your customers, you can highlight your top resources for their needs and market to them directly. 


Imagine being the overwhelmed teacher on the receiving end of your email. After a long, hard week, you’re looking for the perfect resources to engage your students for the upcoming week. 


Then, BOOM! Out of nowhere comes an email from your favorite TPT seller (that’s you) with just the right lesson to save the day! Pretty magical, right?


3. Don’t wait for months, hoping that buyers will purchase your products


Having an email list takes the risk out of selling on TPT. With proactive email campaigning, you get to sit back and watch passive purchases transform into secured sales. 


By putting in the hard work up front of building an effective email list, you’re guaranteeing yourself consistent sales. Goodbye long, dry months of $200 or less. Hello, five figure months! 👉You do the math.


4. Eliminate the competition in favor of being the BEST choice


Your audience won’t need to scroll through the entire TPT website, searching high and low for products. They won’t be overloaded with endless choices on which TPT store to shop with when you become their only option. With email marketing, you can control how visible your products are to your audience. The more you stay consistent with high-value emails, the more likely your audience will *only* trust you for all their instructional needs.


5. Feature your products strategically


Whether you’re promoting your newest featured item or running a special deal for Black Friday, an email list allows you to strategically put products right in front of your audience. This saves them the extra step of having to search your store for the products they need. You cut your potential buyers’ time in half by featuring the exact products they need for times like Back-to-School, Holidays, Science Fair season, etc.

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